Big harvests

Bit of a dilemma. Watching the Georgia – Vanderbilt game they introduced the new Georgia mascot UGA VIII. His name is Bruce. With the Gators on a steep slide downward and a mascot named Bruce, where am I going to be for the Georgia – Florida game. I do take some solace from the fact that the big kahuna gator, Steve Spurrier, is finally have some success at USC (that would be the real USC, not the SoCal imitator).

I’ve mentioned that many of the plants in the garden seem to be growing faster and bigger than forecast. Aside from the fact that the ground is much more heavily loaded with organic material, compost, the other difference in what I’ve been doing is sprinkling some epson salts and some bone meal underneath the new plants when starting out. Wonder if that combination has something to do with the results I’m seeing? I’ve kept up a regimen of culling the butternuts that seem wimpy and the remaining ones seem to be adding size daily and some are even starting to turn from green to yellowish.

Here’s a picture of today’s pick of jalapenos and grape tomatoes. This will be the end of the jalapenos since I pulled the plants this time. They were still putting out but I need the space for winter stuff and we have been giving away 100% of them for months. I could pick about this size container of tomatoes every third day and have been for quite a while. The plants are still loaded with green tomatoes and blossoms so I guess this will continue until the first frost.

Planting the winter stuff now heavily. Three rows of onions, a couple rows of radishes, 4 varieties of lettuce mixed in a wide row and a couple of Italian parsley plants. I already have two varieties of cabbage in the garden with two more varieties a week or so away; broccoli in and more coming; collard greens – first time attempting these – and Brussels sprouts. I tried Brussels last winter with reasonable success so doubling up on those this season. The collards and the Brussels are for my bride. I’m not much for either. I’m fairly certain that I have the largest variety thriving in the garden that I’ve ever had at one time. I’ll wait another month before considering spinach, beets or peas since they really need cooler soil to get started.

One thing I’m starting to appreciate is just how much plantable space I’ve added this season. I did the main expansion but in addition cultivated space inside the original boundaries that had been left dormant due to a lack of enough compost to create good soil. Last year I had decided to mound up rows for reasons stated in previous posts which left a sizable area unplanted
. Over the next 12 months as I created yards and yards of compost, I created new rows in those areas. By my reckoning, I’ve added a total of maybe 250 SF, a 25% increase over this time last year. Where I’m feeling it now is trying to fill up the whole garden with edibles and spacing things out so they don’t overlap and create surpluses followed by voids. I start most items on the back porch so I have the garden going and a ton of new starts on standby.


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