Cuc’s to shrimp

We are now officially in cucumber overload mode. That’s where we have 2 or 3 in the refrigerator and 1 or 2 more coming ready every day, exactly where we are and have been for a couple of months with egg plant. The Sweet Success variety produces major league cucumbers that are typically 12-14” long and 2-3” in diameter – not the wimpy kind you get at the store. They’re also extra mild – a burpless variety – even with the skin left on. So one cucumber goes a long way. Luckily last year Nancy came up with a perfect solution. She trades cucumbers for shrimp with one of her bridge buddies. They live on the St. Johns and there’s a substantial shrimp run every fall so they load up a freezer with shrimp. They happen to love the particular variety of cucumber that we grow so ………………..

Getting ready to plant onions in the garden. I started seeds inside about a month ago and they are looking good. I read something about raising onions that I’m trying. It’s early enough in the onion season that if I screw something up, I have plenty of recovery time. What this article suggested was giving the baby onion plants a “hair cut”. If you’ve ever started onions from seed, they put out a long, wispy stem/leaf and that’s what they suggest clipping. Supposedly it strengthens the plant and encourages additional stems/leaves. Makes sense to me.

The butternut is now at 16′ and showing no signs of slowing down. I had set aside nearly 20′ knowing that would be way more than adequate. oops!

Man will I be glad when this election cycle is over. The number and character of this season’s ads are really getting to me. If you believe any of them, Florida will be governed and represented by crooks and/or kooks, regardless of who wins. For gov I’m trying to decide if a bank crook is better or worse than a health company crook; Or if Orlando will have Shrek or a Taliban guy representing them. The only civil one to date has been the race for senate where the Republican has such a big lead that he can afford to lay out only positive messages. Even the Democrat’s ads have their guy riding through the Everglades – which he personally saved – on an airboat. The Independent is sandwiched in between trying to figure out what to say at all. His ads say that he’s in favor of whatever everybody else is. When Chris lost the Republican primary and decided to go it as an independent, I worried that he would pull votes away from the Republican candidate. Judging by the polling numbers, he must be pulling from the other guys since I don’t ever recall seeing a candidate of theirs doing so poorly. And he seems like a nice guy – his mother says so.

My prediction as to the ultimate outcome of this election is that right after the first of the year, Hillary will resign and announce her candidacy for 2012. The calculus for her has to be that Obama is crashing and taking down the whole party with him and killing her current plan to run in 2016. So it’s now or never. Her hubby is way more popular now than he was in the white house and Obama is more and more looking like Jimmy Carter (as predicted right here). The Clinton message is simple – when Bill left the White House there was a budget surplus even after inheriting a deficit. Of course he had a Republican congress but that’s exactly the situation Hillary will have so it’s a believable message. She can also get out before the mess in the middle east really gets nasty when the US starts to pull troops out of Afghanistan and use that as part of her campaign rhetoric – Obama just doesn’t get it on foreign/defense policy.

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