Monster butternut

So you can tell I finally figured out how to add pictures to the blog. What was throwing me was that instead of using words, for example pic’s, they use icons with which I am unfamiliar. I actually lucked onto it because I had left the cursor on a particular icon totally by accident. With this operating system, when you place the cursor on an icon, a label pops up underneath. I looked up to see where the cursor was and noticed the word “image” under this particular icon. I moved the cursor to the next icon and up popped the word “video”; then “music”. That one was easy to figure out because the icon was a music note. Still not sure what the others depict but it would have been easier to just use the words instead of some ancient Mayan symbology.

So here’s a picture of the butternut squash plant I mentioned in an earlier blog. I have no idea what the world’s record is for butternuts but this guy is now measuring 12′ long and I counted 30 small squash along the vine. I’m wondering if I should just pull off maybe half of the small ones in order to spur growth on the rest of them. I’d do that if I had two bushes but with just one, I’m hesitant to mess with mother nature. What if I pulled off the baby squash and mother nature punished me by dropping all the cucumbers? I remember all those commercials that said you shouldn’t mess around with mother nature. If the squash is a hybrid, does mother nature still have ownership?
A few patches of vinca/periwinkles have seeded themselves in the garden and are thriving. They seem to love the sun and add nice patches of color to the garden. They also seem to be attracting some really large butterflies. So far, I’m not seeing any caterpillars so maybe they go off somewhere to do the caterpillar laying. The butterflies are really large and seem to be two types – or maybe not. One is mostly yellow with black markings; the other is mostly black with yellow markings. If you see the two side by side, they seem to be mirror images so I’m wondering if maybe one is male and the other female. Also, mentioning flowers, one of Nancy’s friends bought her a small chrysanthemum last year and she asked me to plant it somewhere when it had run it’s course in the house. I humored her and put it in a corner of the garden that never got enough watering to grow much of anything. It’s now at least 10x it’s original size and has flowered a couple of times since planting. It’ll be in full bloom next week and I’ll add a picture to the blog. I read somewhere that zinnia’s are good to plant around the garden for some reason or other so I started a few seeds in another corner. They’ve bushed up fairly well and should also be flowering next week. So the garden is definitely dressing up.

I’ve noticed some of the citrus starting to take on color. The satsuma tree that was hurt in last winter’s frost, never really got back all it’s leaves but has managed to put forth a decent batch of oranges. Those are starting to turn orange and will probably be eatable in November. Likewise, both the pink and white grapefruit are turning from dark, dark green to light green and some even showing a bit of yellow. I normally start picking a few around Thanksgiving and that looks about right this year.

All of a sudden we’re flirting with record low temp’s. What’s that all about? Two weeks ago we were roasting, not record roasting but unusual roasting for sure. I have to do all my garden planning around averages but, of course, averages are fictitious numbers that don’t really exist. Moved right on to long pants and long sleeve shirts.

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