Picking squash

Correction – that gator was 17‘ long, 1025 lb. She was using spinning tackle with a snatch hook. Can you imagine snagging a 17′ gator. If I even saw that while fishing, I’d be easing out of the area hoping I hadn’t somehow pissed it off. I heard her on Fox News and she said they had the meat processed and the whole skin will decorate a wall in their house. I’m falling in love. I’m trying to visualize the conversation with Nancy if I suggested hanging a gator hide on the wall. What else is weird about this is that she’s a Yankee.

Finally a break in the summer heat. We’re approaching the perfect situation for the garden with daytime temps at or below 90 and afternoon clouds and maybe showers. Should be picking cucumbers and squash before the end of the month, a couple of weeks earlier than my master plan.

I am actually within a day or two of picking the first zucchini squash from the late summer planting. This is remarkable because it’s about 2 weeks earlier than I anticipated. In this case, that’s 30% faster. I literally planted the seeds 8/17 in a peat pot; It germinated in less than a week and I moved it into the garden 8/25. So it’s gone from seed to harvest in just over a month which is a big surprise to me. There are at least 6 more fruit on the same plant. The variety is called Cougar. It’s a yellow, bush variety and I selected it because it’s a hybrid and supposedly very disease resistant. I also chose it because it has a scheduled time to fruit of 49 days which, in my mind, meant I could get some fruit from it before the nematodes found the roots. Interestingly, there’s a companion green variety called Tigress which I planted at exactly the same time. Germination was the same and I moved both to the garden at the same time but the Tigress is following the planned schedule and just now popping out a few micro zucchinis so I’ll be picking from that plant right on schedule.

Invented another eggplant recipe last night. The good thing was that grape tomatoes were another key ingredient. I sauteed chopped onion, celery, and green pepper. Only the green pepper came from the garden. Then added an eggplant, also chopped and continued the cooking. About 10 minutes later I added a large handful of halved grape tomatoes and finished it all off for another 5 minutes. Really good. The next melange will incorporate the first of this season’s zucchini mentioned above. It looks like that combo will be possible for the next month or two since there are more blossoms still coming on all the main ingredients.

Updating the experimental cucumber – I moved it to the main garden yesterday and it looks strong one day later. The interesting thing about that is that when I put it in the peat pot after a week or so in water, it had sprouted a couple of roots that were shorter than 2”. Yesterday when I planted it, the roots were actually poking through the peat pot. In my mind, that’s a spectacular rate of growth. I planted it away from the other cucumbers so I can track it separately but at this point, I’m anticipating it will perform exactly like it’s siblings in terms of cucumber production. As it looks now, us, Nancy’s quilt club, and her bridge clubs will be overdosing on cucumbers within 2-3 weeks. I counted 15 micro cuc’s on one bush this morning – and there’s 9 more plants following right behind. I’m going to try to do a better job of picking this season to see if I can extend the harvest right up to the first freeze.

One thought on “Picking squash

  1. you’ll have to make me something with eggplant one time, i haven’t had it in years and years. I don’t really remember what it tastes like, but it sounds good to me.


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