wi-fi plethora

Big news. The Pierson library now has wi-fi. So now if I have any big downloading jobs I am only 3 miles from the big ether dump in the sky. The Deland library that we frequent is 15 miles away, too far to go for an occasional extra high speed romp on the internet but the Pierson library is less than 5 minutes from the house. It’s right near the ACE hardware and just down the street from the Dollar General, the epicenter of our consumer hub. This particular branch library has weird hours and what I don’t know yet is if they keep the routers powered up when the library is closed but with this new tap in point, we are in an internet overload mode.

Update: Nancy heard from a friend who volunteers at the Deland library, that all the branch wi-fi’s are linked to the main system such that they all turn on and off at the same time. She also told Nancy that they figured you wouldn’t be able to sit outside the Pierson library to connect because the walls of the old building were soooooo thick. Personally I didn’t believe they all turned on simultaneously but if they did, I wasn’t much concerned about the wall thickness especially since the building has large, large windows. So I packed up the Macbook and drove the 5 minutes to the library an hour before opening time. Sure enough I instantaneously connected to the internet, thick walls and all, so I guess I have access now from 7AM until 7PM, probably 7 days a week. And since I got there before any of the libraries in the system were open for visitors, it was lightning fast.

Wonder if there will even be libraries in 25 years? Wonder what happens to the business model for printing books as people transition to E-books? Wonder if small, boutique printing shops will spring up to convert bits and bytes to customized hard copy for those who respect and cherish books? What happens to coffee table books?

Learned something today that I should have learned years ago. I’m looking after my neighbors house while he’s away on a 4 month camping trip. I noticed that his air conditioner was never running even though he told me he had set the thermostat at 85 and it was sure as hell hotter than 85. I went in and checked and sure enough the AC was off – the thermostat display was blank. I checked the breaker box and the AC breaker was on. It was obvious because all the other breakers were off. Still, I cycled the AC breaker to make sure it was set. There was another breaker outside on the fan which was also on – toggled that one too just to make sure. George’s brother came over and he looked as well and came to the same conclusion, the AC was not working. First thing he checked were the breakers and he walked through the same sequence I did. I called George and left a message suggesting he contact his grandson who is an AC mechanic. Garret called and said it was probably a breaker but we assured him that the breaker was ok. He came over and had it running in a few minutes and came over to tell me it was ok. Guess what, it was the breaker but not the breaker labeled “AC”. He said the furnace breaker was off and that the furnace is interconnected to the AC such that both breakers need to be on for the unit to function. He said all AC’s were that way and I said that I routinely throw the furnace breaker if I’m leaving for a few days along with the other appliances that we’re not using. I do that in case there’s an electrical storm, hoping that will protect the appliances. But I always leave the AC on to keep the house from getting damp. I threw my furnace breaker just to prove I was right and sure enough, the AC went off. So I guess all the time I thought my AC was running when we were away, it wasn’t. Live and learn.

Saw a political ad for a candidate in our upcoming primary. It was a negative ad and identified the candidate as being in the top 11 corrupt politicians in the country – not just in Florida, but in all America. Is it good news that he didn’t make the top 10? I think it would have been just as bad/good to say he was in the top 100 and I might believe that there is such a list but in the top 11? Wonder what he would have to do to break into the top 10? I’d sure like to see some data so I could calibrate on him. Where does Charlie Rangle fit on this scale? Maxine Waters? Is our guy a bigger or smaller crook than them? What goes into the ranking? Is it a total number of dollars stolen or is it the number of different shady deals he’s involved in? Does the clock reset every year or every time he starts a new term or is it a cumulative crookedness for all his political life. Is he #11 for 2010 or would it cover his term 2008 to 2010? Our guy looks relatively young so I have to guess there’s a new list every year or term and he seems to be the kind of guy who would be involved in lots of little deals rather than a few really big ones. A guy like Rangle’s been doing it for 40 years so our guy wouldn’t stand a chance if the rankings accumulated over time. There should be a annual or term listing and a lifetime award too. The pending election appears to present us in Florida with a selection among nothing but crooks. Really, I don’t think one candidate running is not being accused of being an out right crook by the opposition. Pretty much what I always thought but now everybody will know.

2 thoughts on “wi-fi plethora

  1. If you’re only 3 miles from the library, it would be small investment in hardware and you could have a repeater and a directional antenna and – voila – high speed at home. Ethical? Certainly within the margin of error for a politician (any stripe).


  2. What is your definition of a small investment? Also, the three miles between me and the library is solid jungle. No problem at all with the ethics issue. I’m a card carrying library member and the wifi use comes with that.


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