Remembering Wo Fat

Finally getting a break from the heat. Not that it’s cool but much closer to our norms – low 90’s with good chances of mid afternoon rain showers. Even if it doesn’t actually rain, there are clouds aplenty. For the past month it’s been more like 96 along with cloudless skies from dawn to dusk.

We did something a little different Saturday. In last Sunday’s paper we saw an announcement for a historical bus tour of Ormond Beach. Last year we saw the same announcement and when we called for reservations, they were sold out. This time we called quickly and picked up the last two spots. There were two vans, each with a dozen passengers, the driver, and the guide. To give you an idea of the passenger demographics, I was the only guy and probably the youngest person on the bus. There was one old gal,must have been 150, who would occasionally correct the tour guide or add some piece of inside info. For example there was a shell of a building on a canal that dated back over 100 years and this gal talked about eating there with her family when she was a young girl. The historic society lady glommed on to her to pick up each tidbit of new information that she could use on future tourists. Very worth while. In fact within the first 5 minutes of the 2 hour tour I had seen enough to satisfy me. Ormond has some very old homes, 1870 kind of old, that you would never know existed. Some are very unique, aside from just being old. For example one is constructed from railroad ties; another from palm tree trunks. In fact there were two constructed from palm tree logs, one Indian style and one paleface style. Paleface style lays the timbers horizontally; Indian style places them vertically. We took the scenic loop which I’ve driven myself many times but with somebody explaining points of interest, it was quite a different trip. The same historic society has a tour of several of the houses we drove past coming up in December which we will try fit into our Christmas time schedule.

Picked off a couple giant caterpillars from the grape tomatoes. I really hate these critters because they go from tiny to gimongous in short order and can totally strip a leaf/branch/plant in hours. What makes it particularly tough is that they get bright green so they are really difficult to spot unless you look for branches with nubs instead of leaves. You can look directly at one and miss it because it looks so much like a green stem. I loaded up my sprayer with BT which is supposed to work on caterpillars and plan to hit it daily. I’m trying a new trick with BT – mixing in a couple tablespoons of dish detergent. That is supposed to let the BT stick to the leaves better.

Wonder if Wo Fat will make it in the new Hawaii 5-0???

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