News from our Journalist

Our neighbors are going away for a summer long camping trip so it’ll be quiet here and I’ll be flying without a safety net on my projects. George is usually around to bail me out when I get over my head with some mechanical difficulty. They’re heading out West with another couple, each in pickup truck style campers. If all goes according to schedule, they’ll be back mid October. What blows me away is the thought of spending 4 months in a truck bed camper. Nancy and I would be overwhelmed with too much togetherness after xxxxxxx hours??? Let alone days or weeks. A month of this much up close and personal would send us both to a loony bin.

Talked to little Tommy this week and he really seems excited about his life in Journalism school. He got the position as a Sports writer on the Missourian newspaper – that’s the Columbia, MO paper – which is exactly the job he had hoped for. His experience prior to this has been mostly in the Music and Entertainment field so this is going to be a nice change. Between that, two regular, earn money kind of jobs, and just the daily grind of living he has a full, dawn to midnight kind of existence and it really feels good when he finds a few minutes to call us. I feel more comfortable every time I talk to him that he’s made that transition from full dependance to almost full independence smoothly. His transition was more difficult than mine because I was only a couple hours from home and for the first year or so, could scoot home easily to get my clothes done and load up with food and go fishing with my dad. So I didn’t have that hard transition to the real world that both Chris and now little Tommy have had.

Politics – don’t read if you’re a Yobama fan.

Read a couple of interesting opinion pieces, one in the WSJ and one in the Washington Post. Combined they put into graphic descriptions exactly what I’d been grasping for and unable to articulate. The WSJ article pointed out that Yobama is the only pres we’ve ever had that isn’t a fisherman. He is an inner city guy and has no hook to anything not of a city venue. The other, by a decidedly lefty journalist, designated Yobama as our first female president. That would be in the same vein as when Clinton was designated our first black president. It has to do with his thought processes and deliberative processes being more in line with female approaches than male. Discuss, discuss, ask lots of questions, analyze, analyze, dramatize and only make decisions that seem to have the most votes from his circle of advisers. Sarah Palin would be more an alpha male type than Yobama and you can understand that imagery when you think about the goings on in the gulf. Nobody would expect Palin to do anything other than don a pair of chest waders and be in the marsh hauling on one of the booms with the rest of the guys. And she would have been there on the first day of the spill. Not that it would have made much difference in the end but that’s what an action guy does – jump into the fray and be ready to mix it up. You know she would have waived the Jones Act (as Bush did after Katrina) in a day after finding out it existed where Yobama did a couple of partial waivers months into the disaster because his first concerns were for his union constituents, not the folks along the gulf coast. Yobama simply has zero connection to anything going on down there other than knowing it’s a political nightmare and trying to figure how he can turn this to his advantage in terms of getting drilling stopped or an energy bill passed. Kind of like Afghanistan where he’s trying to figure how to tell half the people he’s really in it and the other half that we’re really going to leave quick quick. He hasn’t figured out yet that nobody believes him, whatever he says. And it will be that way so long as he’s not able to separate doing from politicking. He’s an inner city guy who understands street hoops, inner city gang wars and the like but wouldn’t be caught dead in a Louisiana bayou. When he was elected I caught the first whiffs of another Jimmy Carter but now the smell is enough to gag me.

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