SEC surfing

The SEC scandal really caught my attention. That would be the finding that more than a few SEC officials were spending work time surfing the net for porn. It raises so so many issues in my mind- not the least of which is how an employee can spend that much time on the internet doing non work related stuff and still be getting the job done sufficiently to stay employed. According to the reports one high level official was spending 8 hours a day on porn surfing. One thing this tells you for sure is that the agency is overstaffed. I can’t imagine any place I’ve ever worked where a person could spend that much time on personal endeavors and not be noticed. I really don’t care that it happened to be porn they were viewing and would find it just as disturbing if they were using taxpayer funded time watching golf, sports, movies, Oprah or whatever. It bothers me that the media is focusing on the fact that these loafers were surfing porn rather than the fact that they were stealing from the public as if the content is the problem. I would guess there are orders of magnitude more time spent/wasted (by gov’t workers) on U-tube and Facebook than surfing porn and guess what, it costs taxpayers just as much to surf social networks as porn networks.

And unless you think there’s something perverted about the SEC, you have to know that this same personal surfing is going on throughout the government. I’d like to see an experiment using the SEC as a test case – dump 10% of the employees and see if in any way, shape or form the output of the agency is impacted. We all know the answer to that – probably end up getting more done with the reduced head count. Clearly there’s a way that the tech weenies can figure out how much time is being spent surfing personal stuff so assign a team to do a lookback for the last 6 months. List all those who have had non work related computer activity and the amount of time spent by each. Use that list to identify the ones to be canned-the one with the most personal time on the computer is the first out the door. I think it’s important not to try to assess the kind of personal surfing and designate some as not so bad – time wasted is time wasted and it costs the taxpayers just as much for people to check sports scores as porn. After the SEC, quick jump on the IRS, depts of education, energy, and all those other do nothing agencies.

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