F150 v MacBook

Here’s a comparison. My 1995 Ford F150 lost brakes. I crawled underneath and saw where the metal brake line had rusted through in one spot and leaked out the fluid. Went to the Pierson NAPA store and picked up a 51” brake line and a can of brake fluid for $8.58. In an hour my neighbor George replaced the line, bled the air out of the system and was out for a test drive. My 2009 MacBook and a guy designated as a Mac Genius, designated by Apple, can’t fix it. I updated to the latest version of software, latest means 6 months newer. Now my printer won’t print and the modem is still history. I sure wish Ford made computers.

George and I have this mulch thing down to a science. He has a John Deere riding mower with a bagger. So he rides around picking up all the oak leaves on his driveway and lawn area and deposits them in a designated spot where I break out my Shop Vac leaf mulcher and convert the leaves into finely chopped mulch. Between us in an hour we can fill several 50 gallon plastic bags and have enough leaf mulch to last months and months. You really can’t buy this kind of mulch but the closest to it costs about $2 for a 1CF bag. That roughly works out to maybe $50 an hour. The mulcher has already paid for itself and I can tell it’s going to add years of life to my back by eliminating hours and hours of weeding in the garden. What I don’t need is an
i-mulcher, or a windows mulcher or a droid mulcher.

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