march madness

I have my own version of March Madness going on. Took the truck out and learned that I had no right turn signal and no cruise control. So I bought a set of lamps and guessed that the cruise control could be a fuse that somehow was associated with the lamp problem. That all happened a week or so ago and I just today got around to making the repair. No problem with changing the lamps and verifying they worked OK. But the fuse that controlled the cruise control was not blown so there’s a deepening mystery there. But the big news was that when I went to apply the brakes to check out the brake light – no brakes, pedal right to the floor. Last time I drove it, no problem. It sits for a week and now, zero brakes. So what started out as a simple burnt out bulb has escalated into a total truck melt down. And this on top of losing my Devil’s Horse. So to summarize I now have no internet, no truck, and no Devil’s Horse. Gators lose to BYU in the first round – does life get any more stressful?

The good news is that my neighbor is a great mechanic and he owes me for splitting all those logs.

Regarding my internet woes, I’ve officially thrown in the towel. My last hope was to install the latest and greatest operating system from Apple – Snow Leopard. Making such a leap caused me great heartburn just because it’s as close to starting over as I dare to try. I held my breath when it was done to see just how many data files were no longer in existence. Couldn’t have gone smoother although it took about an hour for the software to install. My biggest concern was whether or not the new operating system would support Appleworks where I have a couple decades of spreadsheets and databases. I tried opening one of my doc’s and up popped a dialogue box telling me I had to install a program called Rosetta which just so happens to reside on the same install disk as an optional installation. I went ahead and installed Rosetta and as if my magic, my Appleworks doc’s opened just fine. So I jumped right to AOL and tried to dial up. Nope, same as before. Dials just fine, AOL answers, and the two modems start squeaking and squawking at each other but somehow they are unable to communicate. I’m done screwing with it and will limit my internet visits to wi-fi , wherever that may be. Long term, I’m going to wait to try an Ipad and see if that does what we need using ATT’s 3G network.

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