Quilting event

Had another big quilting event at the house – a mystery quilt airing. The 10 members of the quilt group each make a quilt using exactly the same squares – the same pattern – but using whatever combinations, colors, positioning etc that they want. Even the size of the individual squares and of the end item can be different. The only rule is that the quilt must incorporate the same 8 square patterns. The ladies have a luncheon and while they’re eating I hang up the quilts outside on the clotheslines. Then they all come out and ooooh and aaaaaah and say how pretty each one is. What amazes me is that unless you know the ground rules in advance, you’d really never pick up the fact that they all contained the same elements. By the way the patterns are positioned on the quilt and the choices of colors, each one looks totally original. The next event is already planned for September on Joey’s boat.

We’ve got an interesting, my words not Nancy’s, phenomena at the lake this time of year- the pine trees are pollinating. We have so many pine trees that it’s not something you can miss. What happens is that a fine yellow powder saturates the air and layers on every available surface. So the cars turn yellow, the deck turns yellow, and even the surface of the lake gets a powdery film on it that appears at first to be algae. If you stood still for a couple of hours I’m sure you would have a golden gilt. I feel it in my eyes but it doesn’t seem to give me any respiratory problems although I have to imagine my lungs have a fine yellow coating this time of year. It literally drives Nancy crazy – not any allergy but the dust on everything. Doesn’t seem to bother the fish which would get my attention in a heart beat. One thing for sure, after the pine comes the oak and the oak pollen really does attack me. All the rain we are having probably helps pull the pollen out of the air so that makes me feel better when the rain has me trapped inside.

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