A little politics

Haven’t mentioned politics for a while so here comes just a few observations.

Obama made a great comment the other day – “That’s what elections are all about”. What we’ll learn next November is whether the folks think they screwed up in the last election or will double down and load up Washington with more Dem’s.

I’m not even slightly surprised by the administrations desire to cut way back on the manned space program. It costs a ton of money which is spent in a very un democrat fashion. You could take 100 NASA workers and get 1000 pot hole fillers, union pot hole fillers, for the same money. Not even a close call. In this case the trade may have been the space program in exchange for the high speed train to Tampa. Wonder how many Brevard Countians voted for Obama? Bet lots of the soon to be unemployed. Guess that “change” thing isn’t working out to well for them. I haven’t seen any estimates yet of how much money each space shuttle launch adds to the local economy in terms of tourist dollars but suspect there will be some painful readjustments. Maybe it will all go to Orange County and Disney. Personally I wouldn’t want to be a Democrat running for office in Central Florida. Between gutting the space program and proposing giant medicare cuts, Central Floridians understand clearly now that they screwed up last election and appreciate what “change” means. To me the real irony is that a popular Democrat, JFK, jump started the manned space program and a popular Democrat, BHO, killed it. Show’s just how far that party has come in 50 years.

The older I get the more I appreciate the sheer brilliance of the founding fathers in designing our government. Having both a senate and a house of representatives, staggered election cycles, and having different term lengths for the senate and house – brilliant and another built in set of checks and balances. The two year house cycle keeps things from going too far off the tracks. You have a year to see how well your representative is doing and then he’s facing an election – a year to adjust as necessary. In the situation we’re in right now, interim elections in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts have alerted all House members and a third of the Senators that there are some seriously unhappy voters out there and some adjustments may be necessary if they are to hold on to their jobs. And they better get on with making those adjustments right now before the steam roller – that would be the voters – crushes them.

I wonder if there’s any concern that the only sector where employment is noticeably rising is in the government itself? That’s nice but government workers don’t produce anything – no products, no sales, no profits nada. In fact, the bigger the bureaucracy, the larger the impediment to private production so if you get in a spiral where government employment grows while private sector employment declines —–pending disaster. Especially scary is that a large number of these new government workers are unionized. You know when you hear about France being shut down by strikes………….

In closing, you have probably guessed that I’m not an Obama fan but my biggest beef and the change I hate the most is that it was never, ever this cold under George Bush.

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