New Quilts are happening

My modem crashed so I’m having to carry the laptop to town to use somebody’s wi-fi. Here’s an interesting trap – the modem is fairly new and still under warranty. I called the manufacturer and they said no problem replacing it but I needed to email or fax them proof of purchase. How do I email without a modem? The modem is about 6 months old so I didn’t have or couldn’t find any proof of purchase. Not to worry, just call Mac Mall where the purchase was made and they’ll get me the required proof. They too said no problem, we’ll email it to you. If I have no modem, what good is emailing it? Eventually I told them to just go ahead and email it and I’d try to figure a way to get it. So that’s part of my trip to town. Might as well post to the blog as long as I’m connected. I have a neighbor a few houses away that has an open network and I could sneak over there in the woods close enough to attach. Somehow that seems like stealing from a neighbor which feels ethically different to me than stealing from Holiday Inn Express. We’ve stayed at Expresses several times and never used the internet so they owe me a few.

The young men in the family are on a quilt streak. Nancy just completed a U of Missouri quilt for Tommy, is working on a U of Florida quilt for Simon, and is repairing/rebuilding a quilt for Andrew. She usually has two or three quilting projects going simultaneously so she doesn’t overdose on any one. The Missouri quilt uses material left over from the pajamas she made for Tommy last year so if he’s wearing the pajamas and wrapped up in the quilt, he’ll be in full Missouri mode. The Florida quilt makings have been in the system for about 3 years. She guessed, correctly as it turns out, that at least one of the kids would end up in Gainesville. This is a particularly difficult quilt, I’m told, because it has soooooo many itty bitty pieces. As an example, the gator eyes are 1 3/4” squares. each made of 6 tiny pieces. There are 12 of those gators around the quilt.

And the littlest gal is doing ok too. Baby Grace had an accident and ended up with one of her legs in a cast. That made dressing her in pants a bit difficult. Nancy cogitated on the problem and decided that she could take baby pants and modify them to work around the cast. She opened a seam then attached velcro straps so the leg width is adjustable. Very clever if I must say so myself. They were mailed to Rock Hill Monday so we’re anxious to get a report to see if the design needs a little more adjustment.

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