Pending Crisis

I have a pending crisis that has me losing sleep. Simon wants to attend the University of Florida and has sent in his application. He not only wants to attend but play sax in the Gator marching band. His grade point average is over 4.0 which you would think would guarantee his admittance. Just not true. With all the quotas and admission rules, it’s not necessarily for sure that he will be admitted. I know, hard to believe you could have all he has going and a grandfather who is an alumni and still not be accepted but it’s possible. My crisis is that if he’s not admitted, I’ll have to boycott the Gators. No more Gator football on the tube; no more Gator flag on game days; no more Gator shirts. What a bummer. We’ll find out on Feb 12 so until then, I can stay behind the basketball team anyway. For me this will be a great loss but for the Gators, it could be an insurmountable problem. With me hexing them – no more SEC championships, no more national championships, losses to FSU and UGA. It’s going to be an ugly stretch until maybe Olivia takes a shot at Florida and they see the error of their ways. I apologize in advance to all the other Gator fans who are going to be impacted but you gotta do what you gotta do. Personally I don’t worry about Simon’s future, whether he goes to Florida or not. He’s a smart kid with a good looks and a great personality – all ingredients for success. I hate to see him be disappointed in the moment but not concerned for his future.

And while on the subject of Florida – I’m surprised to see the controversy arising over Tim Tebow’s commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl. I can’t imagine that there’s a question over his right to produce the ad and I’m not sure CBS would really be on
solid legal ground if they refused to air it. I don’t think they could refuse to air it because it would be offensive to some people – not after they air commercials for Viagra, female hygienic products, beer, casinos, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, undies, et al. I’m guessing even those Victoria Secret or Hanes ads bother some people Surely all of those are offensive to one group or another. How about those ads by the Animal rights wacky doos. Global Warming ads are offensive to me. The Geico ad’s are offensive to Cave men. What I find most delicious about the whole controversy is that the groups who are offended are the civil liberties, freedom of speech liberal crowd. Freedom of speech is a great freedom unless it is that you are offended by a particular speech. I also love it that the more these groups oppose it, the more pre-event air it gets which will no doubt continue long after the airwaves clear.

Is there a rule, written or unwritten, that says a canoe becomes yours after you rescue it a certain number of times. I pulled in a 10′ aluminum canoe for the second time. Not sure who owns it but assume it’s one of the Mexican fern workers on the other side of the lake. I saw it drifting by a few hundred feet off shore and low down in the water. I kayaked out to it half way expecting to find somebody on the floor of the boat but it was 3/4 full of water. I brought it in, dumped out the water and tied it up to the dock in a highly visible fashion so if anybody starts looking for it, they’ll find it easily. It is set up as a fishing boat with a trot line all wrapped around some specialized hay rig attached to the boat. Sure hope some catfisherman didn’t fall out and drown. I don’t think so because there’s an unused life jacket in the boat.

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