Lake Rescue

Had to do a lake rescue Monday. I went out to the dock to feed the fish and noticed that our Adirondack chair was gone. It had been sitting on the outter portion of the dock and must have been blown off by the high winds we experienced on Sunday. Tommy and Tina had bought that chair for me way back in Utah for my birthday or father’s day or some event and it was one of my few treasures. It was still blowing fairly hard and it was nowhere to be seen in the immediate vicinity of the dock. I didn’t think it would sink since I coat it with sealer every year or so but was concerned that flying off the dock and bouncing around in the lake would tear it apart. I put the kayak in the water and cruised along the shore where I expected to find it. Nope. I came back to the dock and probed the water in case it had sunk after hitting the water. Nope. Looked carefully in a weed bed adjacent to the dock. Nope. So I hit the lake again in the kayak and extended my search far beyond where I thought it could have gone. Sure enough, I spotted it way back under an overhanging tree a few hundred yards farther down the lake. I came back and exchanged the kayak for my jon boat and brought along a large pair of lobbers to cut my way through the trees. Success. I managed to get back in and retrieve it just fine. It did suffer some minor damage but nothing I can’t easily repair.

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