Nice and warm

No more guessing, the covers are off the garden. I fared a little better than I had hoped. The tomatoes were totally hammered but I knew that from the get go. The peppers were hurt badly but not necessarily killed. We picked about 20 nice peppers and then I cut off all the obviously dead branches and pulled out the plants that were clearly dead to the base. I’ll know in a couple of weeks whether or not there’s anything left in them. At one point during the cold stretch the cover blew off the Swiss Chard so it was hit directly. Still, it looks like it might have made it. Plenty of dead leaves but some smaller, inner leaves look good. I’ll know in a couple of weeks on that too. Everything else seems to have survived. I wasn’t too worried about the cool weather crops that were nearly mature but the most recent transplants were still in a delicate stage. It seems that they all made it. I have a few items ready to transplant into the garden so I’ll be up to a fully planted plot by the end of the week.

So right now the biggest fallout from the freeze are the normal tender bushes that will recover when cut back in March and the lake which was pumped down nearly 2′ by the fern growers. At this point it’s so low that I can’t very easily get in and out of the boat from the dock and have moved it up on my neighbor’s beach. And the fish have quit biting or moved far from their normal haunts – whichever it is, I’m not catching them. But I’m warm while not catching them; that’s something.

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