Will it ever warm up?

Still seriously cold – and it looks like it’s not over yet. The forecast now is for this week to be just as cold until Friday. I did manage to get out fishing Wednesday when the wind gave me a couple hours of slack. The spec’s are still out there and I managed to get an even dozen in two hours. That’s respectable. One thing very noticeable is that the lake level has been pulled down over a foot in the past few days. We’re surrounded by ferneries and they pump and spray lake water over the ferns to provide hard freeze protection. The pumps have been running for the better part of a week and it’s showing. The lake is 60 acres so you can get a feel for just how much water that is. I’m guessing this will continue for a few more days so no telling where we’ll end up. Also, I’m not really sure how much of that water works it’s way back into the lake via drainage. All the marginally sensitive plants are gone, not dead, but for sure down to the bases. I lifted the cover over the lettuce to pick some and it seemed just fine, a little nipped on the edges but in good shape. I haven’t worked up the courage to peek under the area where the green peppers are planted. If any pepper plants make it, I’ll be surprised. And yes, we did get something very snow like on Saturday morning. It was more tiny ice crystals than snow flakes but it did accumulate enough on some surfaces, like the hood of my truck, to be visible.

One day last week a 130 year old low temp record was broken in Key West. It hit 47 degrees. Also saw that we’re rescuing frozen sea turtles and endangered manatee. Where the hell is Al Gore when we need him. What we need is an Al Gore equivalent who is concerned about us all freezing to death. I haven’t heard any of the newsheads mention global warming in months. I guess we’ll have to wait until August for those reports. I do think that when it snows in Florida, we might want to think about which would we rather have, global warming or a return to a new ice age. Personally I’m a fan of a warm globe. This might not be the coldest ever in Florida but it’s the longest stretch of cold, dismal weather I ever recall here. I’ll admit it pales in comparison to what we experienced in New Jersey last month but then that was what I expected. This is not. I’m catching a serious case of cabin fever and having flashbacks to winter in Utah. Here’s how bad it is – I’m watching a high school football game on TV and baking a loaf of the no-knead bread we were introduced to over Thanksgiving.

One good thing about the weather is that my neighbor George has got his fireplace in full crank mode. It’s not a very good fireplace in terms of generating useful heat so he has to keep a major inferno going to get any good out of it at all. What’s good about that for me is that he creates lots of potash which I use to enrich the compost pile.

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