Lotsa Juice

The laptop is working out pretty good insofar as toting it off to find high speed internet access. We do that a couple times a month and it usually involves eating at a place set up with wi-fi. But the fastest connection is the Comfort Inn in Deland. They have a big sign out front that says free internet so I have no trouble pulling in and cranking up the laptop. Here’s the question – the sign also says free breakfast. Would we be out of line to go in and check the internet while munching on a bagel???

We are in serious need of some global warming here in north Florida. We have a stretch going of 5 days with daytime highs in the 50’s and nighttime lows in the freezing range. I think it’s the longest stretch of cold weather since the last ice age. I’m thinking of doing a big, smokey, bonfire to create my own localized carbon cloud. Or moving my gas guzzling F-150 up and just have it billow exhaust fumes in the general vicinity of the grapefruit tree. Try that with your Prius. I’ve double blanketed the garden so I’m reasonably comfortable that most, if not all, the veggies will make it. Tomatoes and peppers could be the weak link but the rest of the stuff can handle a bit of cold easily.

This morning I stripped the grapefruit and tangerine trees. If they freeze on the tree, they’re destroyed and right now, they’re at the peak of perfection insofar as sweetness is concerned. Even after eating from the trees since early November, I still picked a couple of bushels. We started converting those to juice and stoke the compost pile with the rinds – 100% utilization. We quit juicing when we filled up all the available containers – 3 gallons worth – and still have maybe another gallon in the queue. We have a dozen or so yellow grapefruit left then a bushel of mixed tangerines and ruby red grapefruits. So this last gallon will be an exotic mix.

I’m waiting for the wind to lay down a bit so I can go troll around for spec’s. They love the cold water. The only negative is that when you catch one you have to grab hold of it and freeze your hands off. Nancy has no interest in riding along while I catch them and have her remove and string them. The whole idea was a non-starter.

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