Turkey time

Interesting wildlife sighting. It was about 5:30 PM and I was trolling for spec’s. I was about 1000′ from my dock and heading directly toward it at a very low speed – the lowest setting on the electric motor. I had a good view of my dock and my neighbor May’s property. Her property is a treeless field with her trailer set up about 500′ from the lake. I noticed a flock of turkeys browsing around on her field, generally heading down to the lake and over to the side adjacent to our place. I counted 10 birds which is the most I’ve seen in one flock so far. I kept steady on course and wondered just how close I could get before they spooked. When I got about 250′ away, two of them got nervous and flew off into tall pine trees; two more left when I closed the distance in half; the balance let me get maybe 75′ closer before they bolted. I got close enough to see big white beards hanging down from a couple of them. I also noticed that when they were at the edge of the field and technically on my property, they were eating berries from wild bushes growing right on the property division. We call them beauty berries and I never knew what ate them. They’re small, purple berries and grow prolifically around here. So maybe these turkey’s would bleed purple and have built in cranberry like sauce. I’m always impressed by how big they are, what a gigantic wing span they have and how fast they gain altitude – I would estimate they get maybe 100′ within 50′ of takeoff. Wonder if they’re thinking Thanksgiving?

I got one spec, too small to keep, but it was just nice fishing without a gale blowing. The lake was like a sheet of glass.

Not happy about a development in the neighborhood. We’re mostly in the woods with an occasional clearing. There are lots of nurseries and. at one time, many were fern growers who grew their product in natural shade under oak trees. As you come to our place there has been a 5 acre unused, naturally shaded nursery for sale. It was bought recently by a guy from NY and he’s decided to pull out all the trees and start a palm nursery. You can’t imagine the heavy machinery on the property yanking out the trees and running them through a chipper. To give you some idea of the size of the chipper, according to the operator it consumes 60 gallons of diesel fuel per hour. He said the chips are worth $5,000. I’ve heard in the past they are used as fuel for power plants in Europe so maybe that’s where they’re headed. All I know is this guy has taken a beautiful piece of property and turned it into an empty lot. There’s also an adjacent 5 acre piece that was cleared and it looks like a house may be built there. We may end up living in some awful place like Orlando. Traffic and kids. Trick or treaters. yuk.

And while we were away eating well, the garden critters were eating well too. So we know for a fact that the recommended dosage of Malathion doesn’t slow them down. I mixed up a batch of triple strength diazinon so we’ll see how that works. My next attack is with Seven Dust. This must be like agent Orange since it’s an orange colored powder. After that I go to a tablespoon of each and every bug killing chemical I have and create a master blend. Deep down inside I’m guessing that the only thing that might work is a few nights in the upper 30’s and that’s out of my control. Aside from the caterpillars which I can see and pick by hand, the guys that get the cucumbers and squash are most more insidious. You have to look very closely and find a pin hole.

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