Fried Shrimp

Made a big mistake this afternoon. We went to FFC for lunch. That was a given since on Friday the mussels are on special and Nancy goes whacko for them. When she’s eating them it’s as if she were listening to celestial music. She talked me into the fried shrimp luncheon special even though I’m not a fried shrimp guy. I think she wanted to try one but couldn’t give up the mussels. Now for sure I won’t be a fried shrimp guy. These were so totally better than any I’ve ever had that it would be punishing to order them elsewhere. First they were big – maybe in the 6-8 per pound range and they gave you 9. Most time you have fried shrimp you pick them up and bite down to the tail – one biters. These were three biters. Then they were dipped in something that was very light, very crisp, very tasty. After eating I went up to the cook and asked him what they were dipped in. The waiters all laughed – and said it was a secret but the base ingredient was potato flakes. But they said don’t bother trying to duplicate it at home that they all had and it just wasn’t possible. Aside from the ingredients they said it was a very special oil and at exactly the right temp for exactly the right amount of time.

One of the Monday specials is fish and chips. I think I’ll come over some Monday and try that for the same reason – I’ve never been much for fish and chips but before burying the concept, I probably need to try it FFC style.

Gave the surf one last try but it was once again big,big, big with an incredible rip tide. I think we must be catching the downside from Ida. It took 100% concentration to keep from ending up in the drink several times. I gave up since it was certainly only a matter of time before I’d screw up and find myself heading out to the gulf stream.

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