midweek report

The wind is cutting me no slack at all. After 3 days of casting into 25 mph winds and into 10′ breakers, I’m worn down to a stump. What I need is a grease fitting on my rotator cuff. A combination of Bigeloil, Aleve, and Samuel Smith Organic Lager has things under control – but just barely. This morning I switched to lighter, inshore kind of tackle at low tide where long casts are not needed. It sure took the pressure off my body but is not quite right for casting in the surf – at least not this kind of surf. What I’m adding to my necessary tackle list is a new rod – a 7 1/2 or 8′ rod that is super lightweight but stiff enough to handle 2 oz lures. Probably an 18” butt so I can make two handed casts. I’ll know it when I find it.
Thursday and it’s changed again. Yesterday the wind finally turned from East to SE and then from the west late in the day. That caused the waves to build up in height but would normally calm the surf overnight. No such luck. By this AM the wind had rotated and was coming out of the north big time. The strong rip currents that had been moving south to north reversed and, if anything, strengthened. And just to make it perfect, the temp dropped into the 50’s. So not only is it windy, it’s cold. With a big surf there is no way to fish without getting wet and occasionally knocked over so cold is not good. I’ve got a feeling today will not be a big fishing day. Which is probably ok with my body. Four days of Xtreme casting has my body aching pretty near everywhere. So not sure exactly what I’m going to do today – maybe head across the street and fish in the river instead of the surf.

As predicted, the eatin’ has been awesome. We’ve had breakfast at 3 different places now. Nancy still prefers the Java Joint for her Kahlua French Toast. I tend toward the NY deli in Palm coast and the Bialys. We’re working our way through the menu at the Flagler Fish Company. They have great luncheon specials so we hit it late in the afternoon – scheduled around the tides. Our new favorite is a bowl of fish chowder – I get the red, Nancy the white – and a fried calamari appetizer. One of the Friday lunch specials is a giant bowl of steamed mussels. Nancy starts to drool just thinking about it. To mix it up, we did JT’s Fish Shack too. If you like fresh seafood, this area is primo.

Nancy did an afternoon of bridge at the Palm Coast bridge club. Turns out we’re less than 10 minutes from the club and she knows a fair number of the people who play there regularly. She brings most of her quilting equipment with her so between cards and quilting, life is good for her and she could care less about the wind or riptides. What really makes her day is that here we have satellite TV and high speed internet. She’s in heaven and will go into withdrawal when we return to the woods.

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