First day fishing report

First full day fishing report. Surf fishing is normally a fairly laid back experience. You typically cast your bait out a ways, stick your rod into a sand spike, pop an adult beverage, then sit back and relax. Most guys fish two rods at a time. You can get by with fairly junky tackle and I did for a year or so. This time around surf fishing is challenging. There’s a 25 mph wind blowing right in my face with an occasional rain squall and higher winds; Monster waves and lots of seaweed close in. If you don’t pay attention to the surf, you are likely to be knocked over and dragged into some serious stuff. Strong rip tides so no way to hold any bait stationary. The good news is that the water is nice and clean which means good visibility for a flashy spoon. It’s also warm so when I misjudge a wave or fall asleep and one breaks on me, I don’t fear hypothermia. So I decided the only way to fish it was with large spoons and long casts. I now have excellent tackle so even with the wind, I can cast 150′ or more with a 2 oz Krocodile spoon. I have a 12′ light weight rod and a light weight Quantum reel with a large spool. That combo lets me really get behind a cast and holds the line up above the wave tops and above the seaweed until the lure gets right in the surf suds. About an hour at a time is all I can handle before my back and arms turn into noodles but I have managed so far to catch two fair size – keepers – bluefish. I wondered whether or not I’d even feel them hit – not a problem. When something nearly jerks the rod out of your hand, it’s a blue. Bringing them in through the rough surf is something else. I’m lovin’ it but I’m thinking this is going to be more of an eating than fishing experience.

Another piece of good news – Nancy was sharp enough to bring the Bigeloil so my otherwise destroyed shoulder and arm muscles, are doing just fine. The fact that it’s dark by 6 PM probably saves me too. I’m guessing another couple hours would leave me crippled.

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