CSI Nancy

Nancy missed a promising career as a CSI investigator specializing on floor dirt analysis. Nancy can spot sand on the floor a mile away and immediately tell you who’s shoes it came from. Maybe it’s not too late since I’ve noticed that if anything, her keen sense of observation is sharpening. In fact, she’s able to spot microscopic traces now and tell if it’s fresh. I never see it and even after she points it out, I can’t distinguish yesterday’s from today’s or figure out exactly which shoes dropped it. That’s quite a bit more advanced than current CSI’s. They can analyze dirt and tell you where it came from but not who carried it in. Nancy can go right to the heart of the issue and identify the perp. One trick she has is to wear special CSI shoes that will not pick up any sand or dirt at all. That way she doesn’t contaminate the crime scene and can be 100% certain that the stuff on the floor didn’t come off her shoes. She won’t tell me whether she buys them that way or has them modified to her spec’s.

I put in the last of the garden starts today so at this point, the garden is 100% planted. I had been taking a kinder gentler approach to fighting garden insects up until this week. I have been spraying with something labeled as eco-friendly – but effective – says the label. Yesterday I decided to closely examine the Chinese cabbage which is rapidly maturing and spotted a small caterpillar munching away at the very heart of the cabbage. I removed him and moved on to each of the 10 cabbages and found a total of 15 enemy invaders. I squooshed them all and moved on to the bean row where I found 100’s of them feasting on my blood, sweat, and tears – not to mention fertilizer and eco friendly bug repellant. OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Dumped the wimp stuff and loaded up with Malathion, skull and crossbones on the label. I have about three other chemicals in reserve that have been banned on all continents but to the best of my knowledge, not in Barberville. I haven’t seen any signs by the garden saying not to use them so……………

Next week is our fall trip to the beach. We always love time at the beach but this year I’m especially anxious since the fishing has been so good in the surf and so dismal in the lake. Since we now have a laptop, we’ll be a bit better connected. Who knows, they might even have wi-fi. Looks like we’ll miss the first week of garden harvest since both the yellow squash and green beans will be ready to pick next week. They keep putting out produce for 3-4 weeks so no big deal. When we get back, it will be just about the normal starting time for the speckled perch in the lake.

I’ve been thinking about getting a slow cooker, as in smoker. To really do a brisket right, it’s almost a necessity. Not to mention slow cooked ribs or chicken. Turns out, I already have one. The Holland grill has a slow cooking method that I guess I knew about but had forgotten. It has a grease drip valve which I always keep open so that the grease that drips from meat, sloughs off into a grease bucket. You can also close the drip valve and pour a gallon or so of liquid onto the heating plate, creating a steamer that also holds the temp between 250 and 300 degrees. The Holland Grill people sent me an email – newsletter – that had a recipe for doing brisket and it reminded me that I’ve had a slow cooker all along. I’ll start experimenting when we get back from the beach.

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