Social week

This has been social week for us. We had guests from Dallas, Luke and Mary Manies, early in the week; a dinner with some folks from my high school graduating class on Thursday; Senior (as in high school senior) night festivities in Lake Mary where Simon will be recognized for something or other on Friday, along with the Football game; and a reunion event for General Dynamics in Altamonte Springs on Saturday night. So I’m in a social overload mode.

Luke suffers from serious leg cramps in his calfs (or is it calves) which limits his ability to walk any distance at all. I suggested he try the Bigeloil remedy. Believe it or not, within a few minutes after application, his cramps disappeared. We headed off to the feed store to pick up a few more bottles. The proprietor was just opening a new shipment and said it would all be gone before he could even put it on the shelves. He said he bet we weren’t planning to use it on our horses so that must be the official use. I’m thinking maybe we should buy a large supply while the getting is good. Somewhere along the line somebody’s going to notice a jump in sales, do some investigating and find it’s being used by humans. At that point the FDA will jump into it and ……………..

We’re still ping ponging from record heat to record cold. So far this month we’ve had two spells of each. Crazy. But the good news is that I picked up the first spec of the year and the surf is loaded – and I mean loaded – with Bluefish. George and I caught about 25 yesterday in just 3 hours. They’re not giants but not those tiny chicken blues either – maybe 1-2 pounders on average with an occasional line breaker. The spec was fairly large and surprisingly full of roe. Since we only got one, we let it go but this is maybe a month before I usually start finding them. I need to do a little public service research on bass to see if they’ve started biting again. Our hot, hot summer put them out of service basically all summer long. Maybe these touches of cold have stirred them into action. My friend Lou tells me they’ve all of a sudden turned on big time further south and that’s a good sign.

In the garden, the bush beans are starting to blossom. That means beans in maybe 3 weeks. An interesting factoid: I planted a row of green beans alongside a row of yellow ones. The foliage on both varieties is identical but the blossoms are totally different. The yellow beans have purple flowers; the green beans have white flowers. Unless something bad happens, we’re going to have a bumper crop. Enough that we’re going to pick up one of those sealer systems for freezing whatever we don’t eat.

And other than a few losses to grasshoppers, everything seems to be growing right on schedule. I haven’t put in any of the really delicate things like lettuce due to the prolonged hot weather but that has to be happening soon, soon. That will fill the few empty spaces
Way to go Obama. The two teacher’s unions backed off and are willing to accept merit pay and testing. I figured in the end they would have to do what was offered – where would they go, vote for Republicans??? I don’t think so. What I really thought was that in the end, Obama would back off but this guy Arne Duncan (Secretary of Education) is for real. I’d be ok with this admin if that’s all they ever accomplished. To me it’s a given that our taxes and insurance will jump – you have to expect a bear to go after honey. So you just live with it until the next Rep admin comes along and drops taxes again. Insurance will go up no matter who’s running the ship.

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