On being a bachelor again

Just a note on October again – we had a week with record colds followed by a week of record highs. I could do just fine without either. An October event that I forgot to mention is Nancy’s trip to Salt Lake so I’m doing the bachelor thing again. She travels to Salt Lake a couple times a year, ostensibly to play bridge, do luncheons, and catch up on all the local scoop. She’s my kind of traveler. We had to leave for the airport by 5:30AM so she set the alarm for 5. And her total luggage was one carry on size bag. Granted it was heavy but still……… I have the routine down tightly now and will be honing my casting skills, surf fishing skills and perfecting the sandwich as the essential meal. It’s still too hot and sunny to do much in the garden so my time will be split between fishing and working on the koi pond project at George’s. Nancy starts putting away leftovers a month or so in advance so I’m well fed and of course the house stays spotless all on it’s own. We have a central vac system so all I do is break out the long hose as soon as she leaves and set it up in the living room for the duration. When I inevitably track in sand, it’s sucked up in 10 seconds. That doesn’t work when Nancy’s here because she doesn’t like the idea of a hose strung across the house all the time.

One thing that happens when Nancy’s away is that generally speaking, I have no idea what day it is. I have no time dependent routines. By that I mean I wake up each day and figure out what it is I want to do and then set about doing it. It really doesn’t matter what day of the week it is – if I feel like or need to do something, well I just do it. Nancy, on the other hand, has a routine that is day of the week dependent. If she goes to quilting, it’s Tuesday; If she goes to Crescent City to play bridge, it’s Wednesday; Welaka, Friday. So I’m in sync with the world by knowing what Nancy is doing on any particular day. I do find that sometimes it’s important to know the day of the week. For example the local newspaper only publishes the fishing reports on Friday so if I don’t happen to know it’s Friday, I might not know what’s going on at the beach or river. And if I lose track of Saturdays, I could miss the Gators football game. Or what if I got up, felt like driving over to the beach to surf fish and found out too late that it was a weekend and the water was full of kids and surfers. I guess I could have her tell me what day it is when she calls but that would really be lame.
The new item going into the garden this year – Brussel Sprouts. I really don’t like them but Chris assured me that if fixed right, they are edible. He tells me to roast/grill them, coated with olive oil and salt, just like we do for most other veggies now and all of a sudden they’re good. I’m trusting him on this because he always hated them too. One thing about them is that they sweeten up with a deep cold snap. So that gives me something to cheer about when we get the occasional freeze. Wow, nailed the squash but sweetened up the sprouts. I did finally break the code on okra. The trick was to pick them small – as in 3-4”. Anything larger is woody. I guess the bigger ones could be cut in pieces and boiled for a couple of hours but to be edible grilled, they have to be small. The other good thing about okra is that it had no problems surviving with wet roots. Nothing else I tried survived the wet, wet summer – but the okra thrived. Maybe that’s why you link okra with cajun cooking. You just have to pick it every day. So next July when all other crops have gone over the top – I’ll just put in Okra – (anticipate a drought).

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