Surprise party

Chris had to be in Orlando for a business meeting so he tacked on a few days and spent the weekend here. He suggested that since Nancy’s birthday is later this month, that we leap ahead and have a surprise party while he was home. So we did that Saturday. We had about 20 people and I think she was truly surprised. The other big surprise was the food. I was going to get barbecue from Brian’s but changed my mind and decided to try a local roadside guy instead. This guy has been selling barbecue out of a giant smoker for about 7 years and I’d heard that his ribs were awesome. So I took the chance and placed an order for “enough food to handle 20 people”. Got ribs, chicken quarters, beans and cole slaw. It was ready right on time and enough to feed 30. Fantastic. The meat was fall off the bone done and, in my opinion, much better than Brian’s. And it ended up less expensive. I can see where this place is going to play a big role in my future diet.

The weather behaved – no rain and a nice cool breeze off the lake. The kids got in plenty of swimming and boat riding; the adults dealt with the barbecue and adult beverages. Tina bailed me out with dip and chips and napkins which I had totally forgotten. Had a great, Publix carrot cake. I don’t think that’s Nancy’s favorite but it is mine and since I was doing the ordering………

After the crowd left we were sitting around watching TV about 10PM when we heard this strange sound – which to us sounded like a phone ringing on TV. But it kept up even when the show went to commercial. It was indeed a phone. Simon had left his cell phone and was calling to see if we had found it. Chris figured out what it was and we promised to bring it to him after dropping him off at the airport Sunday morning. At 6AM we were awakened by this weird sound. My first guess was that Chris had set an alarm clock but it didn’t seem to be waking him up. Nancy tracked it down and found it was Simon’s phone in alarm clock mode. So how do you turn off an alarm clock disguised as a phone? When it’s dark and when you are still in zombie mode. One of the buttons she pushed turned it off and we went back to sleep. At 6:11, it went off again. This time it was at least close and I turned on a light to see if I could silence it. I hit the red, end button and it shut up. Must have been a snooze function because 10 minutes later it went off again. This time I carried it out to the living room, put it under a cushion on the couch, piled on all the pillows, and topped the pile with a quilt. Never heard it again. When Chris got up he disarmed it. Turns out I had hit the right button but you have to hold it down for 3 seconds. Who’d a thunk it?


Put a new wrinkle in the garden – a couple of soaker hoses. I’ve read that the best way to water is with drip or soaker systems and to avoid water on the foliage. We’ll see. Our weather went back to being summer so my cool weather stuff is looking at me like I’ve let them down.

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