For me, October is a swing month, and I love it. By the end of the month the garden will be fully planted and actually producing the first of the fall veggies. By the end of the month, the speckled perch will have started forming up schools and showing up in the Carbone frying pan. By the end of the month, the bluefish should be showing up strongly in the surf and showing up in the Carbone frying pan. The tangerines will be turning orange and the grapefruit will be turning from dark green to light yellow-green. Both will be table ready by Thanksgiving.

I put away the sleeveless shirts and break out the short sleeve T’s. Put away the shorts and switch to light khaki’s or nylon pants with zip off legs. These are my favorite clothes and I’ll have 2 months before switching to long sleeve shirts and lined jeans.

Cut back on mowing from once a week to once a month.

Be on the lake about 5 PM and in by 6, before it gets too dark and just in time for dinner. By the end of October, that becomes 4PM and in by 6 so I have enough time to clean all the fish I’ll be catching.

I particularly like Halloween here. We are so far out in the woods that there are no trick or treaters. None, zero.

And the hurricane forecasters will soon announce that this season is going to be less active than originally forecast. Technically the hurricane season extends into November even though we all figure mid October. That’s so the experts can make the adjustment in October and say there is still 6 weeks left so don’t let down your guard.
Another tidbit on Bigeloil. George went to the feed store to pick up a couple of bottles but they were sold out. Tried another feed store in Deland and got it just fine. The proprietor told him that he had a customer who bought a case a month. He was a massage therapist and used it on the job. That made me feel a little better than it was safe on humans.
Obama assessment thru 3 quarters;

The good:
He likes Charter schools and seems on the right track for education reform
He thinks texting while driving is a distraction
He went all out to help Chicago win the Olympic games
He likes good beer, hotdogs, and pickup basketball

The bad:
He favors socialized medicine
He favors a gov’t takeover of large chunks of the private sector
Spend, spend, spend.

The Ugly:
He hates the military, space programs, advanced weapon systems – short sighted
He hates the CIA – scary
He hates free trade – financially disastrous
He has a Neville Chamberlain view of the world and an FDR view of the US.
Putin, Quadaffi, and Chavez love him. Jimmy Carter loves him. Embarrassing.

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