Pain killer discovery

Got a new product endorsement to pass on. This one is bizarre and has to do with relieving aches and pains. Working in the garden and on my neighbors new Koi pond project, I develop aches and pains in a variety of spots on my body. For some reason the worst is always in my neck and shoulders. I’m sure it comes from shoveling dirt and moving it around in the wheel barrow. Nancy came home the other day after a bridge game in Crescent City and said she heard of a good remedy for muscle aches and had stopped by the Feed store to pick it up. I laughed when she showed me the plastic bottle of a gel called Bigeloil. It’s a product used by vets for treating animals but all the gals at the bridge club swear by it and claim an old family doctor up there put them on to it. I passed on it the first day but after another morning of heavy lifting, I was hurtin for certain. So I generously applied the gel and rubbed it in per directions. Within a few minutes I could feel it heating deeply and the pain in my neck and shoulders was gone. No kidding, gone. I carried it over to my neighbor’s who was hurting even more than me – his knees were the worst. He rubbed it on after taking a shower and 30 minutes later I got a call asking me where we had gotten it. His knees were pain free. As for me, after two days, still no pain.

It doesn’t smell, doesn’t stain or seem to do anything bad. There are lots of cautions about taking it internally so I won’t try it on a tooth ache. And I’ll probably give it a month to see if I start barking or mooing or growing fur on my neck. But so far, so good. The container says it’s good for arthritis and bucked shins – whatever a bucked shin is. Also strains, sprains, bruises, and superficial wounds. I’m going to make a wild ass guess that it won’t be covered by medicare.
The fall garden has taken off like a gunshot. Three days after I planted cucumber seeds, they had all germinated. The next day all the squash sprouted and most of the green beans. I would have expected all this to happen 5-10 days after planting. Sure hope they can take the heat. I had to move quickly to put up a temporary wire fence to keep out the rabbits which I saw eyeing the new shoots and licking their chops. We’re supposed to have the season’s first cold front coming in next week. Supposed to drop day time highs down to 87; night time lows to 70. This may not be a cold front by most standards but trust me, that will be a nice drop for us. And with that nice cool weather, I can start thinking about lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and the like. I’m going to try to control myself this year and keep a steady stream of new stuff going – avoiding gaps and veggie overloads. It’s mostly a self control issue because having any areas in the garden unplanted eats at my brain and I’m not very good at pacing the plantings. The other thing I’ll try to do is use wider spacing between plants. That should cut down on the overall crop size but make the plants happier. With any luck we should be eating out of the garden big time by the end of October and then right on thru until next July.

Another reason to love fall – college football. Go Gators. Relatively speaking they have an easy schedule and a better than average shot at winning the SEC championship. But all college football fans are on edge waiting to see which unrated, underdog will dump their heavily favored team.

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