vitamin D

I’d sure like to see a real analysis of the cash for clunkers program. The Feds pop out either $3500 or $4500 but how much of it comes back to gov’ts – local and federal- in terms of sales tax, income tax, registration fees etc etc. Then what about gross employment impact – employment at dealers, manufacturers, and the bars where the car salesmen go after having a killer day. Count the savings in unemployment costs and the taxes all those folks pay. And what about the chain that starts with the clunker itself. Car crushers – is there enough steel being recycled to mean anything? The crunched cars have to be moved to a melt down facility and eventually poured into real, useable steel. It’s always been my understanding that reclaimed steel is less expensive to manufacture than steel from raw ore. Bet this one be an interesting Ph.D. project for some business school guy or guyette. I know it’s really popped my Ford stock. Two of the top five cars being purchased from Clunker deals are Fords. But I just wonder, if it wasn’t for the fact that the fed’s now own GM, would there be a cash for clunkers program at all? If they had taken over Whirlpool, would it be a cash for appliances program? What about a cash for air conditioner program? Wait, I’ve got it – how about a big tax rebate and you could spend it on anything you wanted but – you would be required to actually spend it on goods – couldn’t pay down mortgages or credit cards. I just don’t think the cash for pot hole thing makes any sense.

Did you hear the latest medical finding that there is widespread vitamin D deficiencies? Duh – you get lots of vitamin D from the sun but not if you are slathered up with SPF 50. Turns out it’s hard to get it from diets and supplements. For example you’d have to drink a quart of milk a day to get the minimum recommended amount – the same as 15 minutes in the sun.

Seems this vitamin deficiency causes or contributes to diabetes, high blood pressure, and weak bones. So maybe the whole increase in childhood diabetes is related to not getting enough sun, Is it possible then that the large increase in juvenile diabetes is not because of chubby kids, but kids that have been protected from or avoid the sun’s rays. You know, just not getting outside and playing like they used to. The whole sun thing never made much sense to me anyway. Fifty years ago everybody knew the sun was good for you. Logically, if the sun was bad, humans would have died out somewhere along the way or maybe evolved with hairy bodies or scales or something. Especially when you think that it’s only in the last few decades that people became paranoid about sun exposure. Of course in later life you have to worry about skin problems and do annual visits to a dermatologist to burn things off your body. I’m not totally convinced it’s because of sun exposure but at least you made it to old age and didn’t die early from a lack of sun exposure. The dermatologist we go to is a poster boy for using sun block in moderation. This guy must bathe in SPF 80 a couple times a day. He wears white doctors gear and his skin basically blends into his uni. Every time he asks me if I use sunblock, I am oh so tempted to say “no, because then I’d look like you”. But I don’t. I do use sunblock on my face when I’m going to the beach. Particularly lip stuff and nose coating but other than that……………. When we were teeners, we’d sometimes use a mix of baby oil and iodine. Not sure if that was SPF 1 or what but it was strictly done so you’d get brown rather than red. I think if you have red hair and freckles, that’s God’s way of telling you to use sunblock. For the rest of us – just take it easy and work into it over the season.

Nancy and I felt a vitamin D deficiency coming on yesterday so we quick hit the beach for half a day. As I stood there in the surf with my new rod, I could just feel those D hormones creeping into my body and recharging my battery. Caught about a dozen small whiting too so that didn’t hurt any. When I say small, I mean 10 fish to the pound. If it were bluefish season, they would have been bait. And one other beach comment – for whatever reason the water is way cooler than normal. It seems to me to be about mid November kind of cool; beginning of the bluefish run cool Didn’t hurt the fishing but caused the sand fleas to dig deep and me to buy shrimp. That’s very unusual in the summer.
One more D comment – got me to wondering if liberal disease is caused by a vitamin D deficiency. I had always considered it a neurological disease associated with a lack of sunshine. I came to that conclusion by noting that statistically those areas of the country with the highest density of liberals was also the sun deprived areas. Think NE, NW and basically the whole belt from Washington DC on the East to San Francisco on the West coast. So perhaps instead of it being neurologically based, it is actually hormonal – vitamin D is a hormone – true fact.

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