Cash for Clunkers

So, I just heard that the Gov’t is shutting down the cash for clunkers program because it went through the allocated funds so quickly. Hmmm, think maybe they got the clunker program and the Stimulus program ass backwards. Given the administrations stated objectives of boosting employment and cutting gas consumption, seems to me that if they had reversed the allocations – put $1B to fixing pot holes, and $800B into the clunker program, they might have actually accomplished something. Wonder if anybody there will be smart enough to reallocate some of that unspent stimulus money to extending the clunker program. Nah. Chances are they’ll add more to both. Cutting the clunker program is going to upset lots of people but my guess is that most of these people are not big supporters of the admin to start with. Most people driving around in old pick up trucks have to be Republicans. They’re ok with a 10-15 year old, barely broken in,150K mile, F-150. But to get a new truck with a $4500 kick in, just might do the trick and get them to spend some of that mattress money. I went through the exercise of speculating what it would take for me to trade in my clunker and drew a total blank. I guess if I could move into a new truck for a couple thousand, I’d give it consideration. But to actually pull the plug on my truck ………… that would be tough. Libs have already moved to Prius anyway.

I have an image of the big time libs, the high profiles guys like say Larry David or Barney Frank, buying a Prius to park in his driveway. He’d hire a double to drive it around – wearing a sports driving cap and dark glasses. You’d know it was him because his vanity plates would say Larry David’s Prius. But you can see Bush or Cheney driving around on their ranches in old pick ups- plates all but rusted away and covered with mud.

And while thinking about vehicles – just saw where some study found that people who are texting while driving are 4x as likely to be in an accident. Actually worse than drunk driving. Just using a cell phone, either hands on or hands free, doubles the likelihood of accidents – about the same as drunk driving. Probably lots worse in the aggregate since I would have to guess there are more texters on the road than drunks at any given time. The other surprising statistic is that truckers who use cell phones are 20x more likely to have an accident when using a phone. Wow! Wonder if MATD will form up and be as big a pain as MADD. These statistics have been proven over and over with both simulations and real world data. What is most interesting about this new information is that it was presented to the feds a couple of years back but shelved; that is not released to the public. The way it surfaced was by a Freedom of Information request for the report. Assuming the numbers are accurate or close to accurate, why has it been suppressed? My guess is because all those involved use cell phones or text from their cars.

So I’ve come up with new products to suit the times. Think of a handheld radar that the police use to check for speeders. My product will tell police if a cell phone is in use and it if it texting or voicing. This should be a big revenue collector and cut health care and insurance costs so what’s not to love about it. So you’re saying what if it’s not the driver who’s using the phone. So what. I think you’re not allowed to be quaffing a brewski in the car even if you’re a passenger. Same logic should apply, shouldn’t it? Or how about a device that parallels those engine starting devices requiring an alcohol offender to blow into a tube before the car will start. I have another product which jams cell phone usage in the car whenever the engine is running. Easy technology. I just want the same sort of justice brought to bear on cell phone users as drinkers.

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