wetter and wetter

We continue the wet weather pattern that started mid May. Almost every day we pick up between a quarter and a half inch with an occasional larger storm. The lake level has crept up a bit but not scary high. And the rain keeps the water temp very pleasant in the upper 80’s. Sure has played hell with the bass fishing though. You know when I’m not catching them, they are not catchable!!! One problem I have is that the driveway is growing. We have a gravel driveway that’s roughly 500′ long x 10′ wide and although it’s gravel, weeds grow up through the gravel and it requires an occasional shot of roundup to keep it under control. All this rain presents two problems – it grows faster and the roundup gets washed away before it can do it’s thing. I need one good dry day before it really gets out of hand.

The area north and east of us, Flagler County for those who know Fl geography, has probably gotten double our amounts. A bridge playing friend of Nancy has a very nice home in Palm Coast, inside Flagler County and has had a particularly interesting happening. Seems that the ground water level rose so dramatically after big rain in May, that her swimming pool “floated” out of the ground and is totally ruined. It rose 4′ wiping out the screened patio as well as the pool itself. She learned that her home owners insurance doesn’t cover her pool and neither does flood insurance since the water didn’t actually flow to the surface. She has cost estimates of $20,000 to get rid of the old pool – not install a new one, just clean up the mess. I have heard of empty pools floating and septic tanks floating but this was a new one on me.

And still no mosquitoes down by the dock where I sprayed the cutter potion. It said it lasted 8 weeks and I think we’re at least half way through that. In general the mosquito problem has abated but I still experience an occasional bite if I’m standing in an area that hasn’t been Cutterized.

Getting a little tired of this Supreme Court nominee’s hearings before the Senate judicial committee. For as long as I can remember or paid attention, the Senators vote strictly along party lines so whichever party has the most people on the committee carries the day. I think it was a smart move on the Dem’s to appoint a Saturday Night Live comic to the committee to balance out Orrin Hatch. The only time it really gets interesting is when the President and the majority in the Senate are from different parties. I’ll have to admit I was disappointed that they didn’t search just a little harder for a nominee. Somewhere out there is a gay, disabled, female Latina vegan with solar panels and windmills on the roof and a Prius in the garage. Personally I’d dump her for one and only one reason – 8 out of 10 of her circuit court rulings that went on to the Supreme court were reversed. What else do you need to know. And her decision against the New Haven Fire Fighters who passed the Captain’s test but were passed over because they were white, tells you all you need to know about where her head is on racial issues. But, fact is she’s going to be a member of the Supreme Court so they should just get on with it. She’ll be as good as Souter was for sure.

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