Current Events

Current events
Ok, I’ve had enough Michael Jackson retrospectives. He was big in the generation after me so I never really connected. But then I’m not sure he ever connected either and struck me as a really confused guy. He seemed to be the ultimate mental if not physical mix. If you looked at him you weren’t sure if he was black or white; not sure if he was male or female; not sure if he was 15 or 50. And there really was only one way he was going to pass – a drug overdose. Going to be interesting to see how the kids are handled. I have doubts as to whether he’s the biological father but even so, not sure they can just be passed on as property with a biological mother in the background.

I was certainly surprised by Sarah Palin’s resignation. I didn’t think she’d have a chance at election outside of Alaska but figured she’d stay in politics there with an occasional appearance at conventions and big Republican party functions. She is simply too good looking to ever capture a significant share of the female vote. Women will only vote for a hatchet face like Margaret Thatcher, Betty Friedan, Nancy Pelosi and the like. – I guess it’s a threat kind of thing. Alaska has a higher population of males and we look at it differently. We think all politicians are the same so why not have eye candy. My guess is that she’ll become a conservative media person – probably a talk show hostess in the image of Rush or Sean Hannity. That will give her a big stage and a big payday and let her stay in Alaska with her family. What I can’t figure is why anyone that likes to hunt moose and catch salmon would ever want to live in DC. I think she came to her senses.

And the Mark Sanford thing is a hoot. Everybody is saying his wife should dump him. Wrong – she should just make sure he has plenty of life insurance. This guy has a terminal case of the dumb ass or a terminal case of the hoof in mouth disease. Her best play is to get him to keep spilling his guts, take copious notes, and write a book after he chokes to death on his hoof.
A couple of new birds on the scene. They must be buddies – Jim and Bob. I know that because one calls Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy and the other calls Bob White. I guess it could be Bob calling Jinny and not Jimmy and there’s something romantic going on but I’m sticking with the good buddy thoughts. Had a woodpecker banging on our metal roof today. How dumb is that? It really rocked the house. The other bird thing today was that right after a hard shower today, there was a puddle in the driveway – not a big puddle, perhaps a foot across. A Cardinal landed in it and took about a 5 minute bath. I thought about getting him a bar of soap but Nancy thought a towel was a better choice. He flew off just before we got our act together. It could be my imagination but I do believe that there are quite a few more birds here this summer than I ever remember. At almost any given time I can sit at the computer looking out the window toward the lake and see dozens of birds of 4-6 different varieties. Right now I’m spotting woodpeckers, doves, cardinals,bluebirds and a couple unknowns.

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