Rod flight test

How high is the lake? Right now in mid June it’s about where it was last November after the hurricane season, in particular after Faye, the wettest hurricane on record. It’s about a foot lower than the highest I’ve seen it since 2004 when we had two quick hurricanes – Charlie and Francis. Not sure but I think that was in Sept 2004. For sure this is the earliest I’ve seen it this high. Don’t need a hurricane this year. And the water is warm – pushing 90 – so even the wimpiest swimmer will love it.

Did a flight test on the new surf rod. Tina’s folks are in town and her dad wanted to try his hand at surf fishing again this year. Last year during the blues season, we had a pretty good day and he wanted to try again. So he, Simon and I hit the National Seashore south of New Symrna. I brought 3 spinning (reel) outfits and one bait caster. I rigged Simon up with my lightest outfit so he’d be comfortable using it; John got the other spinning outfit with the new, 12′ rod. John’s not an experienced fisherman and casting in the surf with heavier weights and long rods is not the easiest to learn so I figured I’d just do the casting and let him do the catching. We had some early action with sharks and John decided he wanted to do his own casting. I had guessed he would cast off to the right so had him move about 50′ to the right of us. As predicted his first cast went way to the right – maybe 100′ down the beach and 10′ into the ocean. I gave him some observational input and he tried again. This time it went nearly straight out in a line drive maybe 150′ into the surf. That was a plenty good cast and more than adequate to catch fish. I told him that with a little more arc, it would go farther but that he was just fine as he was. He wanted to try again and on his third try he launched a perfect arc and the bait sailed out a good 100 yds straight and true. I was amazed. From that point on he would cast each time straight as an arrow and 100-120 yds out. Honestly, I know I couldn’t get it out that far. John’s a big guy and has just natural, perfect timing and technique. One thing I know for sure – the rod is a real beauty and I won’t be able to blame the equipment if I can’t launch the long ones. Of course, I caught most of the fish so kept some semblance of dignity! Both Simon and John hooked what were probably large sharks only to have the leaders cut just above the hook. Simon got a small whiting while I managed a small shark and a nice whiting. I think on our next trip I’ll be facing fierce competition.

One week report. I mentioned that I had sprayed some Cutter Backyard to ward off the mosquito outbreak. The stuff was advertised to last 8 weeks and after one week, it still seems to be holding up. I walked down to the dock at 8 AM in a short sleeve shirt and shorts with no repellant on my exposed parts. Not one bite. We had picked up another container to give it a second dose just before the party on Sunday along with another Cutter product – backyard fogger. But after the early morning run, no need.

Good news – I finally read about something Congress is looking into which needs action. We’ve noticed that when watching TV, the commercials are way, way louder than the shows. I thought it had something to do with all that switch over to digital crap. You have to have the remote control constantly in your hand to adjust or mute the sound at each of the increasingly numerous commercials. So I was pleasantly surprised to read that a couple of legislators are putting together a bill to limit the sound level of commercials relevant to the regular programming. Of course the broadcasters are saying that no legislation is needed and they’ll take care of the problem themselves.

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