Terror by mosquito

Did I mention that the mosquitoes are absolutely ferocious? That doesn’t begin to describe it. We’ve had 23” of rain in the past 3 weeks and the mosquitoes have blossomed. The last time I recall seeing and interacting with this many (in Florida) was back in the 50’s living on the beach. (Note – the all time, hands down winner in the fierce mosquito world is Pelican Lake in Utah. It’s in a class all by itself and not to be confused with regular mosquito problems. At Pelican you have to be careful not to choke on mosquitoes when breathing), I remember back then you could get an attachment for your lawnmower that would turn it into a fogging machine for insect spray – probably DDT. I also remember jeeps that were equipped with fogging equipment that totally enveloped our house – and occupants – in the vapors. And low flying large planes – C-47’s – that flew 50′ over the houses and sprayed an oil over everything in it’s path. Our cars were oil soaked almost all summer long. I’m sure everything that was done back then is illegal now. My Dad and I went fishing most Saturday’s in the early morning. He would turn on a light around the back of the house as soon as we got up and then we’d eat a quick breakfast. The back light attracted an incredible number of mosquitoes including those that normally would have been on patrol around the front side of the house. We would then run the 200′ from the front door to the car having totally outfoxed the blood suckers. Naturally we had screen doors but the mosquitoes were so thick at times that you couldn’t see through the screen. I think we’re left with wimpy solutions like burning citronella candles or those coil things. But I’m going to try something from Cutter – an old name in mosquitoes terror control. This is a product in a plastic container that you attach to a hose and spray the infested area. One $10 bottle supposedly covers 5000 SF. It also says it lasts 8 weeks but I really have my doubts. I did a 1 hour test – sprayed an infested area and then went back in an hour to see if I was attacked. It passed with flying colors. I did a 24 hour test with a short sleeve shirt and no mosquito repellant at the worst, early morning time. Still holding.

For now, instead of wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts and flip-flops, it’s long pants, long sleeve shirts, socks, boots and DEET on all exposed body surfaces. If I had one of those hats with a built in bug screen, I’d be wearing it.

Got my dry spurt and finished staining the dock. What I had left was just about 400 SF. It took 1 gallon of stain and only 1.5 hours to roll. Last time I did it two years ago it took more like 4 hours and a stiff back for a week. So I ended up with 2 coats on the swim deck which is in full sun and 1 coat on the portion under roof.

I got my combination birthday-father’s day present yesterday. A new surf rod. A couple of years back I picked up a cheap 12′ rod which is about 2′ longer than I feel comfortable casting but which is sometimes necessary to really loft a 100 yd cast into a strong sea breeze. But the cheap rod is thick and heavy. So heavy that it totally wears me out holding it, reeling in, and casting. So I’ve had my eyes open for something half the weight or less and spotted one a few weeks back at a small tackle store in Daytona. I wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger considering it was way beyond my “rod” budget. I’m ok spending a couple hundred dollars for a reel but start to twitch when a rod price goes over $50. But considering my advanced age, my pending birthday, father’s day and receipt of the Obama gift check – I went for it. I gave it a few casts from the dock and can consistently hit 3/4 of the way across the lake – I’d guess that’s a 100 yds, give or take a few. But I still need to christen it in the surf soon. I’m thinking this week if the rain will cut me a little slack. The rod is designed for casting 4-7 oz which is exactly the range I need – especially when casting a finger mullet for bluefish into a 10-15 knot wind.
Car Talk. I’m wondering how the demographics will break down on future car sales. The lib’s will be split now between “anything not made in the USA – preferably a Prius” and GM; Conservatives will be pretty much tied to Ford. And for sure Ford picks up the Dodge Ram truck crowd. No true truck guy is going to drive a Fiat Ram and I’m having trouble visualizing any American driving – or fitting in – a Fiat. The great move was Penske buying Saturn. How could you not trust a car backed by Roger Penske? A Chinese Hummer? Please, spare me.

One thought on “Terror by mosquito

  1. Happy birthday, Joe. Not to make you feel bad or anything, but your kid brother-in-law just applied for social security. Enjoy the rod.


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