Gator sighting

Off to the beach for a week so the next update will detail the incredible catches from the surf.

We have another gator in the lake. George called me the other night to come see it. He was feeding the fish and turtles from his dock and up popped a mall gator. Small means maybe 2′ long or so. Really too small for a belt but possibly a wallet. George plans to catch him and transplant him to some other lake. I could tell by the way the gator was eyeing George’s miniature dachshund that he needs to do something before they become best buds and the gator invites him out to dine.

Boy, this home gardening thing is getting a lot of press these days. I guess lots of people are giving it a try with seed sales up 30-50%. It would be interesting to find out how many starters end up finishing even one season. I think most will come to the conclusion that it’s cheaper to buy veggies than grow them – from a start up position. I read an article in the WSJ that said the “average” backyard garden saved $600. Not sure how big an average garden is or where it’s located. Another piece on a morning TV show said that the return on $50 in seeds was $1200 in veggies. Not sure exactly what crops that included but in my own experience, that’s a low estimate if you’re growing lettuce or carrots. A $2 pack of lettuce seeds must be at least 1000 seeds. You do the math. And with lettuce you can cut a head and in a few weeks, it has regrown another. A $2 pack of broccoli nets 200 or so seeds. And with each broccoli plant, you get at least 2 meals counting the main head and the follow on shoots. In Florida, we basically eat out of the garden 12 months a year – that would be a salad and one or two veggies with each meal. Part of the trick is selecting varieties and scheduling plantings so that you have a more or less continuous supply without overdosing on any one item. I need to do a better job of that for sure so I’m putting more focus on that aspect now that the basic growing techniques are behind me.

We don’t have cable or satellite TV – old fashioned antenna TV. We were happy with the reception and the analog channels but when they switched over to digital, we were forced to get a set-top box that converted the digital signals for our old TV. It was an improvement in picture quality and in the number of channels that we received. Before digital we got 5 channels nominally good; another couple that were watchable sometimes. With digital the channel count went up to 30 or so. Of course we still only watched the same ones we’ve always watched so the added channels added nothing to our viewing. On Wednesday we turned on the tv and found that channel 6, the CBS channel, was gone – no signal. I figured it was some technical issue with the station but it did persist all day long. We had lost signal once or twice before and I had found a family of wasps had set up a nest around my antenna amplifier which caused the signal to die. No problem since I killed of the critters. So I assumed that this was another insect invasion. I went out the next morning prepared to spray the gear but it was clean as a whistle. Hmmmmmm. Called the neighbor and he too was sans channel 6. So I called channel 6 and talked to a tech weenie. Turns out they had previously been operating on a temporary frequency and had switched over to their final frequency. He said they had broadcast that changeover all day. I said that was nice but if you couldn’t get the channel, them broadcasting the info was kind of stupid. He said, oh yeah, I guess you’re right. Anyway, to fix the problem I just had to reset the channel search. Interestingly when I did that, I got channel 6 just fine but in addition, we now had 45 channels including channels from as far away as Palm Beach and Jacksonville. I guess these are channels that have switched to digital since we did the initial channel search. Of course we still watch the same channels we’ve always watched.
I guess if we’re charging towards socialism, it makes sense to suck up to socialist and communist countries. I just hate seeing the pres getting punked by these two bit players around the world. This kum by yah, why can’t we all be friends crap is ok for France but please, give me a break. Can’t you just visualize the terrorists licking their chops as we reel in the CIA. Is it my imagination or is Obama becoming an embarrassment?

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