New TV

Cruise ships and Ice Breakers trapped in the St Lawrence Seaway with 3-4′ thick ice. Wonder what’s happening to the Artic ice flow and those ice bergs that were disappearing? Wonder if the Polar bears are happy campers or hoping for a little Global warming? Haven’t heard a word about it so I guess we only hear when the weather’s warm. Sort of like the opening in the ozone layer that just kind of went away, never to be heard from again. Sure glad I have my frost blankets for the garden.

Good Eatin’. Nancy made spec’s in a beer batter the other night. Man was that good. And we have so much broccoli that she made a broccoli-cheese soup. Wow! Served that with a salad that had been residing in the garden an hour before. With spec season shutting down, I need to be sure we’re stocked. After the next full moon, they will shut down until next November. Then it’s back to bream, bass, whiting and pompano with maybe a couple bluefish in the next month or so.

We attended Joey’s graduation from Jetblue U Wednesday. Not sure how many graduations of his we’ve attended starting with his pre-school grad but this one was certainly different. Lots of spirit and rah rah rah. If these graduates live up to the instructions given by the commencement speakers, flying Jetblue should be a pleasant experience – maybe even a return to the 70’s flying experience instead of the Greyhound bus atmosphere that developed. He had a checkout flight Thursday night to Ponce, Puerto Rico and then went onto reserve status – which means no defined flight schedule. Reserves are used to fill in for slots opened by illness, vacations etc etc. The first call came Saturday at 8 AM for a 10 AM flight to Santa Domingo so it didn’t take long to be pressed into service.

We took the leap and bought a flat panel TV. Nothing at all wrong with the one we had but the digital transition was causing some grief watching the set in the bedroom. We have the digital converter box and it works just fine – better picture and more channels – but the downside is that the physical size of the picture is shrunk because of the difference in the format. The set in the bedroom was a 26” set and we are about 15′ from it. That was fine when the world was analog but with the smaller digital format, it became difficult to read any of the trailers or the details of weather maps and the like. The lowest cost solution was to move the 32” set in the living room to the bedroom and replace the living room set with a new digital model. I knew this was coming so had been watching Costco for a particular set to hit my price target. We happened to stop at Costco on our way home from the graduation to pick up a few things and they had just made the reduction to the TV that hit my goal. When we arrived at Costco there were 5 sets; an hour later there were only 2 so we pulled the trigger. Truly a coincidence that the Super Bowl is on Sunday.

I had measured everything so knew my switchout plan would work but I hadn’t even come close to estimating how much the living room set weighed. George and I were able to get it into the bedroom without heart attacks but could not get it up to the level where it would be perched. We called his brother Rick and the 3 of us managed to get it into position. The only casualty was the giant remote control Tom had gotten for his mother. It doesn’t work with the new set which means she’s stuck using the new remote with the micro keys and micro – micro printing. So occasionally when trying to change channels or adjust the volume she sends the set off into never never land and we have to try to figure out which buttons she hit and how to get back to a normal picture.

2 thoughts on “New TV

  1. Joey must be completely well now to be going back to work. That’s exciting news – I’m so glad that’s all behind him now. Tell him that Adam flies Jet Blue so if he sees a 14 yr old
    Van Wart, keep an eye on him pls. Wish he wasn’t flying to such far away places. Guess Jet Blue wouldn’t fly into places that were dangerous.


  2. You should have waited my old tv died and it weighs a ton. we got a vizio 47” and it is great. I used the 300 dollar coupon from costco and I went in on the first day ( remember the GPS sale that I was 2 days late from opening and they were all gone? ). When I went to the store i was maybe a half hour from the early opening and I saw 4 of the tv’s waiting to be checked out what recession are they talking about?


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