Who’s #2

Nematode update. Since I first mentioned the nematode problem, I’ve been religiously implementing the sugar solution. And I’ve had no nematode problems. I do have a nagging concern that the reason I’m having no problems is that the kind of veggies I’m growing now are fundamentally different and maybe not subject to nematode attack, sugar or no sugar. I get that every time I pull out one of my winter plants and notice that the root structures are more fine, hair like clumps rather than the long, thicker roots of tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers. Those are the crops that I’ve really had problems with and will be planting again in a couple of months. But I got an interesting input yesterday while scanning a seed catalog for the spring garden planting. There on the marigold page in large bold red letters were the words – natural nematode control. I had read somewhere that marigolds kept pest insects in check but my own experience had blown a hole in that. I usually plant marigolds and have still had plenty of nematode problems. But as I read on the catalog said that not all marigolds are created equal and in fact, one particular strain of French marigolds is the real killer. The variety is called Golden Guardian which even sounds right. They recommend planting densely and it’s the only variety I saw with nice discounts for large seed purchases – suggesting to me that people must buy these in bigger quantities. They go on to say that even after the marigolds die off, just till under the plants because the (nematode) poison they contain keeps working. I’m stoked now and can’t wait to launch an underground attack with sugar and a surface attack with Golden Guardians.

Nancy left for her annual quilt cruise last Thursday. It’s an 8 day cruise into the SE Caribbean so she should be quilted out by the time it’s over. I have no plans at all but you can just guess that there will be plenty of fishing. I called a meeting of the rules committee last night and rescinded quite a few executive orders such as shaving every day, wearing shoes in the house, picking up papers off the floor, and issued a blanket amnesty just in case I forgot any specific rules.

Joey decided to go back to work. The cruise business has been down and there are plenty of locals who can fill in for him to help Mark. He signed up with Jet Blue and will be home based in Orlando. Jet Blue was hiring language qualified flight attendants for new routes into Central and South America. I think he wants the salary to get back into the real estate investment business while prices are so low. The cruise business just hasn’t generate enough excess cash to buy and remodel new properties. Jet Blue has a training facility at the Orlando airport, Jet Blue University. He started there on the 7th of this month and will actually start flying by the 28th, I think.

Hey, I keep hearing trash about who’s #1. Seems to me we know the answer to that and the real question is who are 2 – 5. The championship game paired #1 and #2. Obviously the winner is #1 but is the loser not equally as obviously #2? Why would the winner of a game pitting 4 and 5 or 3 and 6 or whatever other combination exists, feel they should be number 1 by virtue of that final game? Not only do they not fit into the #1 place but I wonder if they fit into the #2 spot by any reckoning. Here’s my top 5. #2 goes to Utah. They had a good season and beat a pretty good SEC team in the Sugar Bowl. The 3 spot goes to USC. They were unfortunately paired against a Big 10 team so no way they could get much higher in my ranking system. Texas pulls down #4. They too played a Big 10 team but managed to win only on a squeaker. If they had blasted Ohio State, they could have been #3. Okla holds onto the #4 spot. Winning the Big 12 conference is enough to get my vote and they probably could have beaten anyone else in the Championship game except Florida. The coveted 5 position goes to Mississippi. They had a great second half of their season including a one point victory over Florida. They capped it with a win over highly regarded Texas Tech.

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