We had a great Thanksgiving event this year and a lot to gives thanks to. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday of the year and this was even better because we celebrated Tommy’s birthday and his homecoming. We did the birthday festivities on Wed with a big Italian feast and then on Thursday, the traditional turkey with a group of 20 family and friends. I found out belatedly that a good friend in North Carolina celebrated the birth of a grand daughter on the 26th – same as Tommy’s. So we’ll never forget Emma Claire’s birthday and will toast her along with little Tommy next year.

In my quest for an ever better garden, I have a new source of soil enrichment. Well it’s not new but I have a new source. Turns out that about a mile down the road is a small ranch that runs about 20 Angus cows. My neighbor George happened by the ranch and asked the rancher if he’ could spare a few patties. The guy told him to come and take all he wanted. So we loaded up George’s golf cart and a small trailer onto a big trailer and headed to the ranch. We picked up a few hundred pounds and loaded them into large baskets. Brought them home and ran them through the chipper and onto the mulch pile. Of course when you grind them up, they don’t offer much volume but it still must be a few hundred pounds. The thing I hadn’t counted on was that probably 50 pounds of the total were fire ants. I was a mass of hives from wrist to elbow by the time we finished the chipping. We stopped every now and then to broadcast a layer of Andro fire ant killer onto the pile to finish off those (jillions) that made it through the chipper. I hope it proves worth the agony and effort.

I really hate how the media is soooo negative about everything. I was watching the Today show, that’s NBC news, this morning and the news was that retail sales for Black Friday were up 3% over last year. That after week long forecasts by all the news pundits that sales were going to be down. They quickly that this was only because of deep discounting and meant that retail sales for the rest of the season were likely to be down. I guess they didn’t have big discounts on black Friday last year. They then switched to a travel report that started with showing clear roads and uncrowded airports. And said the bad news was that people were not driving or flying. Whoa, that’s bad news? I seem to remember last year shots of airports totally jammed with people having to sleep on the floor of the terminals and other horrible travel stories. Maybe lots of people have decided that it’s not worth the hassle. It’s certainly not gas prices, although you can bet your bottom dollar that had gas prices still been $4 it would have received 100% of the blame. The problem with the media is that they no longer just report the news, they try to analyze or spin it. Please, just report and let us do the analysis.

If the Globe is really warming, which I don’t believe, then I have a theory why. People. Not people using fossil fuels but people just being alive. Think about it. I think there are about 6 billion people on earth compared to maybe 1M in 10,000BC and 790M in 1750. Each of these people is a mass at 98.6 degrees – that would be 5 billion x 100 lb masses radiating heat. Even when it’s cold, warm blooded animals radiate thousands of calories of energy daily. It would seem to make sense to me that all that heat being generated would warm things up. Wonder what the total world population is of warm blooded animals? Think about all the cows, horses, chickens, sheep, turkeys, pigs etc etc that are grown to feed all those people. It just makes sense that there must be many, many more non human warm blooded animals than there were hundreds of years ago. I read somewhere that some theoritician had calculated the gas discharge from cows and postulated that this put out more methane than all the power generation facilities in the world. If that was even put out as a theory, wonder why nobody has calculated the total giga calories of heat put out by warm blooded critters in toto.

Here’s some interesting local lib thinking. UCF apparently has a problem with student drinking. Solution: loosen the penalties on smoking pot. That way more kids will use pot instead of drinking. Just think of all the places you could apply that same logic. Make the yellow lights last longer to cut down on red light running. Stuff like that. How bout adding an “E” to the grading system so there wouldn’t be as many “F”s.

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