The rabbit fence

An interesting aside on Joey. The first time he went to the doctor he was feeling ill and the doctor ordered a biopsy on his lymph system which involved cutting into a lymph node on his neck. That was supposed to be a benign test but in Joey’s case it created some kind of pocket or something that filled up with fluid and produced a lump on his neck that was a couple inches in diameter. The doctor said not to worry he would just aspirate it. He did but in a day, the lump was back. The aspiration – refill process went on for several weeks and the oncologist told him to just forget about it that perhaps it would go away with the chemo treatments. It didn’t so he went back to the original guy after the treatments were completed and got an appointment for an operation to fix it once and for all. Fast forward to Sunday. Joey came over for a visit and helped with some yard work and had a nice home cooked meal. This morning he called and said the lump had disappeared overnight. He seems to think it just went it’s course but Nancy and i are convinced it was the fabulous meal which included a whole roasted chicken stuffed with fresh basil from the garden and limes from George’s lime tree. He also ate a Satsuma orange from our tree’s first crop and perhaps that has curative properties heretofore unknown. I really can’t buy that it just “went away”.

The citrus is coming on strong. The tangerine tree is loaded with bright orange fruit and for the first time, our satsuma tree has oranges. I never ate a satsuma and am not exactly sure why I ever planted it but am I sure glad I did. The oranges are bigger than the tangerines and have thicker, very peelable skin, and a really sweet flavor. I love tangerines but after eating one of the satsumas, I’m throwing rocks at the tangerines. We will have bushels of grapefruit, reds and whites. They come on in December and this cold snap we’re having should sweeten them up just fine. And we’ve crossed over on the garden where it’s putting out more food than we can consume. That will end when we get a frost but until then…………….

Remember I mentioned the rabbits eating the peas. Well, I may have a solution softer than shooting them. Years ago George had access to concrete cylinders that are used to test batches of concrete. These cylinders are 18” tall by 6” in diameter and weigh 33 lbs. The mixer pours these cylinders and then puts them in a compression tester to verify that the mix is correct. The cylinders are then throw aways. George picked up thousands – literally thousands of these cylinders. So I decided to try using them as a fence around the garden. I know a really athletic rabbit could jump over but I’m thinking maybe their vision will be blocked and they won’t know what treasures are hiding behind the wall of cylinders. What a job that turned out to be. The perimeter of the garden is roughly 100′ so that’s 200 cylinders to be lugged and stacked. Do the math – that’s over 3 tons of lift, carry, and setup. I am soooooo sore. Nancy came up with some kind of EMU based muscle relaxing cream and I had some muscle relaxing bath salt that Chris came up with. I’m suspicious of the Blue Emu even though it says Super Strength because it doesn’t stink or burn and everybody knows it takes both of those properties to make it a good rub. I think Chris’s stuff might work because it ate away the grout around the tub drain. Those plus a couple of extra strength something or other and a tall glass of cabernet seems to have it under control. If I had it to do over again, shoot the rabbits.

Wildlife sighting – There were three wild turkeys walking in the field beside the house this morning. We see wild turkeys quite often out and about but this is the closest to the house. They are really large, impressive birds. As luck would have it, Nancy had just picked up a turkey at Publix yesterday or I would have considered them as a potential Thanksgiving meal. You know, back to the original Thanksgiving. Not really – they are probably tough old birds compared to the fare we’re used to.

I’m liking the position Florida is in right now at #4 in the BCS rankings. If Florida and Alabama win the next 2 games, that sets up an SEC championship game where the winner will surely be in the final BCS championship game. The Big 12 has an interesting situation where either the #2 or #3 team has to play #14 (Missouri) for the Big 12 Championship and Missouri is capable of taking that game. But we still have to get past Florida State. A match-up I’d love to see in one of the BCS games is Utah – Missouri. With Tom as a Utah grad and Little Tommy as a Missouri student – there would be lots of hootin and hollerin going on there.

Politics – I think Obama is coming out of the shoot with two big mistakes and a winner. The big mistakes are to reinstate the ban on offshore drilling and to up the ante in Afghanistan. Wonder what the exit strategy from that nasty mess is?. Maybe we should ask the Brit’s or the Russians how they got into that and eventually left with their tail between their legs. Those two are going to come back and haunt him in a couple of years. The winner is that he’s going to try to get a college football playoff system in place.

2 thoughts on “The rabbit fence

  1. The Utes would kill Mizzou. Too bad that’s not a likely matchup…the only way it could happen would be for both to be in a BCS bowl, and Mizzou just isn’t good enough to even be considered.


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