Flagler Beach

The week at Flagler Beach was great as usual. Especially If you like fishing and eating. The surf was loaded with Blues and sharks so I had a ball from Saturday until Wednesday. On Thursday it turned windy and the surf was booming. Along with that it was loaded with seaweed so the fishing was a tough go. Over the past year I had upgraded my surf tackle to the point where I can fairly well deal with any condition – except seaweed. So I switched modes and fished in a canal off the Halifax River and had a good time away from the surf as well. All in all I suspect I spent 8 hours a day fishing one way or another.

Nancy spent about that much time on sewing and quilting projects and watching cable TV on the flat screen HD machine. Every time I checked in on her she was watching a channel identified as TLC. Best I could tell it should be called the CDC for Constant Drivel Channel. I can see where having the cable would be a source of marital problems. On Thursday her bridge partner from Crescent City came over to Palm Coast and they hooked up for a bridge game at that club. They took first place in the A division which is quite n accomplishment. And since our visit last April, they completed a Super Target about 6 miles away so the place is getting closer to heaven for Nancy all the time.

As to the eating, we hit all of our favorites and tried a couple of new places. Most memorable of the new ones is a European style bakery and cafe. It’s a breakfast and lunch place and we’d seen it being developed for quite some time but this was the first visit since it had actually opened. Personally I’m not much into European places but driving by a couple a times, you couldn’t help but notice that there was quite a crowd so we decided to try it. It’s a small place, seats maybe 40, and as soon as we walked in, I knew it would not be my favorite place. It was full and I quickly noted that I was the only guy there. Uh oh – obviously a quiche and crepe kind of operation. Yep. I ended up with some kind of spinach and sausage omelet that was good, I guess; but when I have eggs, I need a certain amount of grease. Nancy got a special chicken crepe that was unlike any I had ever seen since it was topped with quite a bit of stuff and the crepe was buried in the pile. She said it was wonderful. And loud – can you imagine 40 women in a small room all talking at once. The table next to us was 4 ladies celebrating a birthday. I was impressed that a couple of them were able to lift their arms with the loads of jewelry they were sporting.

We also tried a place called Blue. It’s an upscale place where you need a platinum card for dinner but offers an affordable lunch. I have to admit the food was excellent and the portions large so the prices were justified. We’d go back for lunch but for me it didn’t achieve “favorite” status.

Nancy spotted a new (to us) breakfast place way back off the main roads. She passed it on her way to a bridge game and said the parking lot was jammed so we added it to the list of “should tries”. Talk about a home run. We have a new favorite breakfast place in Flagler. Actually we have two favorite breakfast places – the Java hut for a casual, not to big breakfast; and this new place for a major league, I’m not going to eat again for 8 hours kind of breakfast.

And the Flagler Fish Company was as good as always.

About the garden. George and Barbara got quite a good load of stuff during our absence. Even so, I picked enough stuff when we got home to fill up the vegetable bin in the fridge. I noticed right away that the peas were history. They were up about 6” when we left and I expected them to be a foot up the trellis by this week. Instead they looked like a mower had trimmed them at the 1” level. This was the second planting with exactly the same results. I thought I had planted the first peas too close to the scrub and grasshoppers had nailed them. The second batch was in the middle of the garden under the assumption that the hoppers would find better eating before getting to the middle. The theory was probably ok but the culprits turned out to be rabbits not grasshoppers. George came out one morning and a rabbit was mowing them down. The lettuce seems to be doing just fine so they must not recognize it as edible yet. I’ve watched the rabbits eating before in the lawn and they pick out the clover and leave most everything else. The small pea plants do resemble clover so I guess that’s it. They weren’t a probably last year and I suspect that was because we still had a few cats running around. Maybe I was too quick to pop the cats. Rabbits are very slow…………………

Trying something new. I mentioned that the beach was loaded with seaweed. So I got one of those 50 gallon black plastic bags and loaded up about 50 pounds of seaweed. I know that seaweed based fertilizers are touted as the best so I decided to use the seaweed as mulch in the garden. We’ll see. Maybe the smell will ward off the rabbits. My sisters ex second husband is a horse guy and supposedly if I take my truck over, he’ll load me up with a ton of well matured horse manure. Maybe the smell will ward off the rabbits. Should I trust my sister’s ex husband?

2 thoughts on “Flagler Beach

  1. I find it somewhat ironic that you believe that Mom spending too much time on The Learning Channel could cause marital discourse. Imagine my pain and suffering with Tina going to college.


  2. Hey you need to look at that TLC. I didn’t see anything at all about learning. Maybe at one time in ancient history it had to do with learning but now it’s constant drivel.


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