Fishing trivia etc

Hey, what the hell happened to Global Warming. It was 45 this morning, an all time record low for October. Let’s crank up the coal burning power plants – not that clean coal, but the good old dirty kind that adds a nice warming blanket to the earth. I’m comfortable between 75 and 85; can handle it between 60 and 75; but anything below that should be reserved for places other than here. I rush down to the dock, cast half a dozen times, and then rush back up to the house to thaw out. Even then, I’m wondering how bad it will be to catch one and have to deal with wet hands.

Some fishing trivia. I was down on the dock feeding the fish which I do most days. I fill up a cup with floating fish food, sit on the dock ladder, and pitch out a dozen or so at a time. As usual the bream swarm and gobble up the pellets with gusto. These bream are generally what I’d call palm size or dinner size, not too many small ones, and there are literally hundreds of them. I notice a larger shadow swim in and hover in the middle of the feeding bream. It’s about a 2 pound bass. The bream couldn’t care less. They swim in front, beneath and all around the bass. Even bumping into him as they feed. I guess they knew they were too big for him to be a bother. He made a couple of half hearted lunges, which clearly were annoyance moves rather than feeding moves. Then he lunged big time at something he spotted 8′ away. He covered that distance in milliseconds and the strike was breathtaking in it’s speed and strength. What surprised and impressed me was how far away the target was from the fish when he initiated the strike. I would have guessed it was out of visual range and that he would sneak up on his intended prey and then lunge the last foot or so. I fish with top water lures quite often so the news to me is that the fish that strikes can actually be quite a ways from the lure when he locks on to it. I guess I always thought they were lurking quite close to the lure and deciding whether it was edible or not before the strike actually came. It actually happened twice – about 5 minutes apart – so I’m guessing he missed the target the first time or the first one was small and didn’t fill him up.

The nice thing about living on the lake with a nice dock and plenty of fish is that I get to experiment. This morning I tied on a small, 1/8 oz spinner bait. It’s a Strike King mini-spin, one of my favorites. I had lost my last one last week and Nancy stopped by Wal-mart and picked me up 6 new ones. If I had picked them, they would have been yellow, chartruese or white – some of each. Nancy got one of each color which included some I would never have picked. So I went out this morning and put on a white one. First cast nails a fish, followed quickly by 2 more. The last was a big mudfish which broke the lure off. So I tied on what I figured was the exact opposite – a black one with black and blue tails. I’ve never been sure if it’s the spinner blade that generates the strike or the color of the tail so this was a good test. I cast about a dozen times and not the first nudge. So clearly on this morning they preferred the white to the black and since they both have exactly the same spinner blade, it was the tail color that made the difference. So I guess it makes sense to change colors if you’re not having success with one. And I think my bias toward bright colors is justified.

Nancy tells me she is on board my austerity program. Last night she said she was only going to buy things that were on sale and too good to pass up. Now that’s commitment. But in the 45 years we’ve been married, I can’t ever recall her bringing in packages that were not on sale and too good to pass up. While I’m reading up to see if there’s any way to fix grass to make it edible……………..

Going to try this new idea in the garden. i have a grasshopper problem. Not the great big monster hoppers but little green ones. A few weeks back I planted two rows of spinach seed. One row ran parallel to the border set back about 8”; the other row was parallel to the first and set further back another 8”. The hoppers fairly well decimated the first row but left the inside row untouched. At the same time I planted a row of radishes along the border in the same position as the first spinach row. Those plants are big, strong, and untouched by the hoppers. I take it from that the the hoppers don’t like radishes and also don’t get too far inside the garden but rather chew along the edges. So my new plan is to plant radishes all along the border and then the more succulent, tasty stuff behind the hedge of radishes. Maybe the hoppers won’t be able to see or smell the other stuff – whatever it is that hoppers do. I think if I live to be 100, I might get this right.

A comment about the economy. I’m really not sure I believe all the negative stuff I’m getting from the media. This weekend we ate at a restaurant that’s buried in a large mall. The tough part was getting a parking spot in this huge mall parking lot. On Monday we were over in Ormond for a doctor’s appointment and decided to stop at Wal Mart on the way home to pick up a couple of things. Same problem – had to park way far away from the store. So that was a Sunday afternoon and a Monday afternoon, two shopping areas 60 miles apart, and both were totally operating at capacity. I also note in the paper that the number of new home sales is far, far greater than the number of foreclosures. That’s something you don’t get from the TV media. I wonder how many of those people involved in foreclosures are just walking away from a home that has lost value and moving into a new one. A thing I wondered about a couple of years back was how in the world a young family could ever hope to own a home with the outrageous prices existing then. Bubble busted, problem solved. Plenty of homes available now for young folks and working stiffs. Is that so bad?

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