good news

Good news. I’m going to be a great, great uncle again. Nickie just had her little boy and now my great niece Lindsay is expecting. So that will make me a double great great. How great is that!

How bout them Gators. All preseason they talked about how much speed they had but it never showed in the first few games. Sure did against LSU. The great thing was that the speed came from a couple of freshman running backs. I was sorry to see Tommy’s Missouri team beaten but I still think they gave a decent shot at the conference championship. All they have to do is beat Texas and maybe Oklahoma.

This next treatment, #8, may be Joey’s last. Fingers crossed. Soon after the treatment he gets a PET scan and if that shows clean, then he’s done, off the bag, hair growing back, etc etc. He’ll probably try to milk some sympathy so Nancy doesn’t cut off the kitchen but he needs to be weaned back onto his old diet.

Regarding the economy, I see lots of fish and vege’s in our diet. That’s the bene of living in the wilderness. Maybe a squirrel or a rabbit every now and then. The citrus trees are only a few weeks from putting some fruit in the diet. I’m into killing the cell phone, the landline, and throwing the switch on the power company. I might slash the tires on the vehicles to keep them off the road. Nancy’s not having any of it. Her contribution to my planned austerity program is to ……………….. I tried talking her into getting a job as a school crossing guard but ………….. She’s just not a team player.

Politics – things are looking bad for the home team. The only thing I have going for me is that they looked bad for Reagan, Bush 1, and both Bush 2 elections at this point in the cycle. If you had listened to the polls and the media, the Dem’s had them all over and done with a month before the election. Fact is, if it hadn’t been for Perot, we’d have had non stop Republican’s for the past 20 years. I’m a simple guy and about all I expect from the gov’t is to protect me from the bad guys and I can just see those Al Quaeda’s and those Taliban’s licking their chops waiting for the Obama administration.

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