6th treatment

Sorry for the delay in this post. Some jerk hacked into our blogs and it took Tom a bit to get us all back up and running. Why the hell would somebody do that? Anyway, this new setup will probably correct the commenting problem we’ve had in the past.

Joey’s 6th treatment was not his favorite. He was feeling poorly soon after the treatment and for a few more days than usual. I guess there’s a cumulative affect. Either that or he wasn’t complaining enough so they gave him a booster batch. Good thing it starts after the halfway point or people might get too discouraged to run it to it’s completion. Another new side affect is a numbness in his fingers which makes it fun opening bottles. And a closer haircut. What we believe is going to happen is that he has two more treatments and then a PET scan to assess the status and then either two or four more treatments depending on what the scan shows.

Bream update. You may recall I mentioned that the bream were banging the underside of the lily pads to knock the food pellets into the water. Well that was true but upon closer observation I learned something even more interesting. Any fisherman who has been around pads knows that you hear bream popping in the pads quite loudly. Turns out they actually tear through the pads to get at stuff sitting on top of the pad. They actually tear holes in the pads so the popping sound I’ve always heard is them tearing the pads. I’m impressed that they can actually determine that something is sitting on the pad and then even more impressed that they have a system for getting at it.

And by the way, I think we have bears roaming around at night. I’ve seen signs for the past month and someone about a mile away reported that one of her pot belly pigs had been eaten by a bear recently. This morning sure enough there were bear tracks in the garden and up on the road. From the tracks it looks like one big bear and at least one cub. Sure hope they don’t start causing trouble. That could get old quickly.

So far so good on the garden. I have really put in the hours moving topsoil from an old load George had bought years back. By my reckoning, I’ve moved about 10 yards and raised the garden level about 6-10”. Between that and cutting and chopping about that much new mulch, I’m fairly well over the hard part and now watching to see if the new crop appreciates the effort. Some critter eats leaves a pin hole at a time until eventually each leaf looks like lace. I’ve sprayed every known chemical and so far the bug is the winner. I found an old powder in my stock called Sevin powder. It’s probably outlawed now so I’m hoping this one will sneak up on them. Maybe this cool weather will slow down the gnawing. The stuff that’s in now includes: tomatoes, peppers; butternut. acorn and zucchini squash; cucumbers; swiss chard, 3 kinds of cabbage including red cabbage; broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beets, and 2 kinds of spinach; celery and 2 kinds of lettuce. Some of the winter stuff is still on the porch in pots waiting for new leaves and cooler weather and some are seeds just planted and not yet germinated. If it all follows the master plan, there should be plenty to pick starting early Nov.

Next week is one of my annual batchelor weeks. Nancy takes her sabbatical to Utah. She has an annual eye checkup at the Moran Eye Institute and then fills the rest of the time with bridge games, quilt club meetings and miscellaneous visiting, shopping, and just enjoying the cool weather. Me, on the other hand, will quit worrying about things like messing up the floor. eating on schedule and shaving.

Wonder how long before Biden has a health crisis and drops out of the race? I’m thinking early October. I cracked up when in his last speech he related how FDR went directly to the people during the great depression using television. Hope the 4 people in the world who had TV back then were tuned in.

2 thoughts on “6th treatment

  1. Glad to see you were able to post – I also added a new spam comment filter so we’re all up to date. Now let’s see if it actually works.


  2. Remember…make sure that you clang bells if bears are around…this ensures that the older “hearing impaired” bears will be able to find u 🙂


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