Post Hannah

My favorite observation coming out of the Palin speech – “The unhappiest woman in the country was Michelle Obama; the happiest woman in the country was Hillary Clinton.” Not sure who said it, but it cracked me up.

Hannah is history. We got about 1/4” of rain and no wind so that was much ado about nothing. Now we’re watching Ike. I saw this morning that the models were showing this one possibly hitting the Carolina’s; possibly hitting a gulf state; possibly doing the keys. In other words, not a clue where it’s going. That I believe. I think it will be an interesting study in psychology if this starts heading for New Orleans. It sounded like lots of people were already complaining about evacuating for what turned out to be a minimal storm.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised that Joey’s latest treatment has not been a problem. We were concerned that perhaps the shortened time between #4 and #5 would exacerbate the after affects. I wonder if having the added responsibility of lashing down the boat in preparation of a wind event overrode whatever else was going on inside. There’s one other possibility. Nancy sent over a new soup – Tomato Florentine – and he confirmed that he did eat some the other day.

Check out the picture. We met a couple last March and in chatting over lunch, determined that we had all lived in San Diego in the early 60’s and had both worked for General Dynamics and had some common acquaintances. Bill and Dottie Robison live in Ormond Beach and have a nice place at Astor on the St. Johns so we’ve had a couple of opportunities to meet subsequently. I guess the other day they were going through some old photo’s and found one that they thought had captured Nancy so they forwarded it on to us. Sure enough, that’s Nancy – second from the left – sitting talking to Dottie and her mother in front of our apt in San Diego. The carriage in the background was Joey’s and the young boy is Jim, their oldest son. The picture was taken in 1964, so as it turns out, our new friends are really old friends. And that’s not the end of the coincidences. We discovered that I went to high school with Bill Robison’s cousin and even funnier, Bill’s cousin lives in the condo’s adjacent to Joey’s Marina and has been a frequent customer of Joey’s. Joey made the first hook with Wilt Wagner and then all the loops closed when Bill and Wilt showed up at Joey’s boat when I happened to be there too.

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