Owl story

For those of you that think owls only eat mice and rodents, think again. We were watching TV Sunday morning and Nancy spotting some big bird sitting in a pine tree next to the house. I found it after a minute or two. It was a fairly big bird and colored like the tree so when motionless, it’s difficult to see. All of a sudden it swooped down from the tree and scooped up a snake in the underbrush and flew off to another tree to enjoy a meal. The snake was a light colored slender snake about 2′ long or so. I would guess a corn or rat snake but it was too far away for a solid ID. It took him about 10 minutes to polish it off, head first. It was kind of interesting to watch because the whole time he was sitting on the pine tree, eating the meal, and then back on another perch in another tree, small birds were harrassing it. I don’t know what kind of birds but they were about sparrow or finch size. Every time the owl put his head down to take a bite, one of these little guys would fly at him and hit his back. With binoculars I could see the feathers on his back lift up every time one hit so I know they were actually making contact. You could tell it bothered him because he would quit eating and swivel his head around to catch the bomber. But the small birds were way too fast. I guess I had my eyes on him for 15 minutes before he finally flew away. For whatever reason we just seem to have more birds this summer than ever before and we’re loving it.

We’ve got a good thing going on. We’re on Sprint for our cell phone. Reception here is lousy but everybody in the family except Chris is on Sprint so we’re locked in. About 2 months ago we got a flyer in the mail offering us $70 to resign our contract for 2 years. Since our current agreement had expired and we were locked in anyway, we called and got the $70 credit. For us that’s about 2 months of free service. Yesterday we got something in the mail from Sprint offering us $70 if we renew our contract and an additional $15 if we did it pronto. We learned that you can re do the contract any time you want and all it does is negate the old contract and start a new 2 year clock. So for example we renewed on June 1 and then went to get a new phone on June 15. Getting the new phone and using our “phone credit” for a big discount, restarts the contract for two years so the new expiration date is June 15, 2010. According to the guy at the Sprint store, any time you do a transaction, it extends your contract for 2 years. So it seems right to me that I just go ahead and do this new renewal that extends it to Aug 15, 2010 and pick up 2 more free months of service. I’m sure it’s a screw up at Sprint but…………………. I’m hoping this becomes a regular event now every couple of months and we enjoy free cell service. I don’t feel too bad about this because that’s more like what the service is worth anyhow.

Joey recovered from treatment 2 right on schedule. By the Saturday after the Tuesday treatment he was back to his own self. Two treatments is 25% thru.

And more good news; Chris comes home Sunday. He’ll be here until Thursday which is a long time for a New Yorker to be out of his element. I know he picked August so he could bitch about the heat but we’ll take what we can get!

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