A note from Joey

Joey put this in a comment – I thought I’d post it on the blog in case people don’t drill into the comments…

For those of you who keep tabs on me through Dad’s blog…All your positive thoughts and well wishes are appreciated. Dad is spot on in his analyses and I can’t add much more. The cycle seems to be chemo on Tuesday, Neulasta shot on Wednesday, then start down hill with fatigue and nausea til Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon the nausea has eased and my energy level begins to sneak back up a bit. By Sunday evening I am pretty much back in the game and good til the following Tuesday.

As Dad mentioned, The weekly (or every other week, this go around) food for empty container trade has been a Godsend. If it weren’t for the premade food I really think poor Mark would be sunk. I am not the best “sick” person, so having all the leg work done by my Mother has really allowed him to focus on the presentation vs preparation end of it. The fact that the food is good (great) helps with what would otherwise be a poor appetite. When you have a sick stomach you really don’t feel like eating… But when it’s my Mothers’ spaghetti sauce or homemade chicken (greenwise, Thanks Mom) soup, I somehow manage to get it down.

As you all know, my parents don’t seek out hero points and none are ever expected; but to all of you who read this blog, I just wanted to let YOU know what an important piece of my life they are. As I work my way through this I can trust that they will always be there for me. This blog and the amount of time that has been dedicated to me as of late shows what a vital role their children (and grandchildren) play. In our family when someone goes down it’s time to circle the wagons and everything else in life gets put on temporary hold. In the end, there’s only family and close frieds…My family is as good as it gets….

2 thoughts on “A note from Joey

  1. That is the most beautiful comment I’ve ever read. Joey, your know our hearts are with you and we do keep up with your progress every day. You and your family are special people to us and we love you. Uncle Jerry talks about you and Tommy and the old days so often. He is having a hard time dealing with the idea of you being sick and He wants you to know he’s in your corner pulling for you every day. Love, Judy


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