product endorsement

We spent most of today with Joey in Cocoa at Weustof Hospital where the chemo port was implanted. It went without a hitch. We spent a couple of hours with him in the recovery room and then had lunch at a local eatery – a famous haunted restaurant. The port is located in the upper part of his right side- I guess that would be the clavicle but don’t trust me on the anatomy call. Although bandaged at this point, we could tell that it’s small and should be easy to get along with. Before he was released they did a quick chest X-ray and confirmed that the installation was perfect. I was impressed with the Silcon Valley like marketing literature for the device which is a model 260 CT with Vortex Technology. I didn’t read the fine print but no doubt it’s MP3 and Bluetooth compatible and probably has a 10 megapixel camera built in. For lunch he chowed down on a mahi sandwich with great gusto so I know he’s going to recover from this quickly. On Monday he has a consultation meeting to educate him on the chemo experience which starts Tuesday morning. We’ll be there bright and early to help him (and Nancy) over this hurdle.

We did have one moment of excitement in the hospital. As we were waiting for the wheel chair to take Joey out, an alarm sounded along with a Code Blue voice alert. People started running toward a recovery room about a 100′ or so from us and we were asked to step back into our area and out of the way. It was just like an episode of ER and lasted maybe 2-3 minutes. We couldn’t see but since all the alarms shut down I’m assuming they got it under control one way or the other. That would have been really scary if it had happened while we were walking to Joey’s room instead of getting ready to leave.

Another product endorsement.

Chris sent me something for my birthday that deserves mention – a spray insect repellent. Interestingly the label never uses the word insect or repellent but when you read it, no doubt what it is. It’s called Gardner’s Spray. As you know I spend a good time outdoors. Between the garden, maintaining the jungle, fishing or just relaxing on the dock I’m nominally outside from 8 AM to 8 PM. So I’m typically bitten hundreds of times a day. That’s probably an exaggeration but you can be sure that I go thru lots of Benedryl and Cortisone cream. For the past 3 days I’ve used Gardner’s Spray first thing in the morning and headed over to the garden to do some morning picking and weeding. It’s warm and very moist which means mosquitos will be active and ready for a snack. That’s my job – to provide them the snack. I’m pleased to report no bites. This morning I went from the garden to the dock – right through the jungle – no bites. Nancy tells me it smells very good – she says like mint toothpaste – so I probably wouldn’t want to put it on if I’m going fishing with the guys. Prior to this find, I used Avon’s skin so soft which incorporates some sun blocking and have been satisfied with that product as well. I forgot to put on the new spray Wed AM which confirmed for me that the mosquitos were indeed still out and hungry. Since the Gardner’s Spray was a gift, I have no idea what it costs but since it’s an Origin’s product, I’m going to take a wild guess that it’s a bit more than the Avon and not something I would buy for myself.

This morning I ran the ultimate test. I was out in the garden working and my neighbor George drove up in his golf cart. We talked and he continuously swatted mosquitos. He commented that he hadn’t seen them this bad in quite a while. I told him I hadn’t noticed but it was possibly due to the new insect repellent I was trying. George can’t use repellents with DEET or several other ingredients so he studied the label. He didn’t find anything that rung alarm bells so in the interest of science – rather than neighborly friendship – I let him squirt his arms with the Garden Spray. No more bites. I watched as a couple flew over to him, took a sniff and then flew away. What more could I do.

And while we’re on Chris, his area of responsibility was just expanded to include all the Jersey stores as well as New York. so I think that means 9 stores – 4 in the city and the balance scattered around NY and NJ. He must be doing the job or I’m sure they wouldn’t be adding more.

Tom and his family are in Missouri getting prepared for little Tommy’s college career at MO. They attended two days of intro sessions and he spent a night in his dorm room. So it’s getting close to real. Real, real is when Tom Sr. hands over the check to the U’s finance dept. They are capping the trip off with a few days in Branson and a stop in Memphis for ribs.

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