updates all around

Finally some rain. We had about 4” so far this week but will still fall far short for the month of June. The lake popped up a tad and the level should accelerate as the ground runoff kicks in when it starts saturating. It’s the typical late afternoon thunder bumper with hard, hard rain for maybe an hour. We Floridians love it because it means no more lawn watering and cooler afternoons; ie lower power bills. So my new pump installation has done it’s job – got the rains going.

Phase 1 of the summer garden is about winding down. There’s a few more tomato and watermelon plants close to giving up their fruit but within the next two weeks I should be able to clear out maybe 30% of the currently planted area and get it ready for a second summer crop. Getting it ready means adding a heavy load of mulch that’s been cooking for a couple of months and tilling it all in. We’ve decided to plant the area in corn, cucumbers, and of course, more tomatoes. We’ll cut way back on the squash which practically took over the whole garden at one point. That was the lesson learned this go round – don’t plant too many squash plants.

Joey had his PET scan yesterday and is scheduled for a consultation with the doctors next Tuesday. He has an indication from the nurse that most likely the port for the chemo will be installed next week too. He got a clarification of the chemo treatments. He was originally under the impression that the chemo treatments were a mixture of 4 chemicals administered every two weeks. So 6 treatments meant 12 weeks. In fact each treatment is only 2 of the 4 so a complete treatment cycle is 2 treatments, 4 weeks; Ergo, 6 months for the total 6 treatments. What the doctors don’t know is that Nancy made a special batch of spaghetti sauce from the garden with miraculous curative properties. No meat, no fat – all veggie, fresh from the garden. The magic ingredient is shredded carrots. It also contained green, yellow, and orange Bell pepper. Patent and FDA approval pending. I doubt the medical profession will shorten the chemo cycle based on this but …………….

The project for the week was redoing the entry way to the dock. The picture above shows the end result. The structure of the dock is unfinished, pressure treated 2” x lumber – 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, and even 2×10”. I kept the scrap pieces and made them into a parquet like entry way for the dock. The first time I didn’t do that great a job and over the past couple of years it has gradually become uneven and maybe even a bit dangerous. I didn’t realize it until we started having parties recently and I noticed people stumbling a bit. So I pulled it all up and started over again. I had planned on a one morning job, a full day at the most. Actually, at my pace, it turned into two days. But for sure I did a better job and tightened up the blocks quite a bit. In fact I think it qualifies me to enter the wood mason hall of fame.

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