country livin’

Living in the country does have it’s moments. We’re scheduled to have a lake party tomorrow in celebration of Little Tommy’s high school graduation. So we’ve been getting everything ready and finished up some last minute dock cleanup this evening and came back in the house just at dark. Nancy headed for the back to get her bath and a minute later announced that we had no water. Of course that sends tremors through the system because of the party. We’re on a well and of late the power company has been playing games so I immediately figured that the pump could have burned up due to low voltage but went about the troubleshooting systematically. Breakers ok at the house so out to the well. Dead, zero pressure. I have a megawatt spot light and noticed a procession of ants crawling up the power line into the control box. Hmm, seen this before a year ago when something decided to nest in the control box and fried. I removed the top and sure enough a big palmetto roach had gotten across the 220V lines and fried. The ants were feasting on roast roach. I removed the corpse and manually activated the pressure contacts. Oila! a few sparks and the pump built up pressure in just a few minutes. I’ll go out there after the party and see if there’s not some way to seal the box better but it can’t be so tight that you can’t get into it quickly. Oh well.

The graduation was fun and causes a few reflections. How can I have a grandson ready for college? Sort of like: “I’m going to be a father”; “I am a father”; “I have a kid old enough to go to college”; “I have a grandson”; and now a grandson going to college. How is all that possible in such a short time. I see Tommy and Simon with very cute girl friends and think – “is it possible I could eventually be a great grandfather?” New fishing buddies?? Why was I so concerned about a fried roach when there are such really big things happening? Get a grip Joe.

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