well insured

We recently refinanced our house to take advantage of low interest rates available then. About midway thru the process we were told by Chase, the mortgage bank, that a new appraisal showed that we needed to increase our flood insurance because the replacement costs would be higher now than when the initial mortgage was written. Made sense to me.

A little history – when we originally built the house the surveys showed that we didn’t need Federal Flood Insurance because we were not in a flood plain and the house was elevated far enough above the lake. When it came time to finalize the mortgage, the bank (Chase) disagreed and said we needed flood insurance. I argued a little but we were far along in the process and the insurance was only $264/year and I wasn’t really sure about the lake.

So anyway it wasn’t a big surprise when the bank insisted that we uptick the insurance a bit. Fast foward to this week and we get a letter from Chase saying that we really didn’t need flood insurance at all and if we wanted to cancel it, just use the letter in a communication with the Insurance company. I didn’t jump on it instantly because I wanted to contact our home owner policy and get it exactly right in my mind about what constitutes a flood and to make sure that water damage resulting from blown in windows or roofs was covered by our home owner policy and not considered flooding. Last night Nancy is reading the local paper and hands it over and tells me to read this article on Flood Insurance since it answered all the questions I had. It did that but it also included a chart which showed how many flood insurance policies were in existance in all the communities of Volusia County and also what the average cost of those policies is. I looked down the list and noted that there were 14000+ policies in Daytona and maybe that many in New Symrna and that they cost about $400 on average. Further down the list was Pierson, our location. There was 1, one, uno flood policies in existance in Pierson at an average cost of $264. I cracked up laughing. That had to be us. I can just imagine all the people reading that article wondering who the jerk was in Pierson who had a Flood Insurance policy. Hope they publish the list next year!

Did my first work till exhaustion, jump in the lake today. I was harvesting grape vines and brush from my neighbor’s yard and chipping it into mulch for the garden. Is that over the top or what? I’m so convinced that the success of the garden is directly wired to the addition of mulch that I’m actually spending hours working on the neighbor’s jungle. Man did that lake feel good. Very cool and it brought my body temp down from 200 to 75 in about 5 seconds. Bring on the heat, I’m ready.

Of course the pic is the garden. People have asked for a picture so here it is. I guess everybody knows that you click on the picture to enlarge it but just in case……………

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